Will this dock fit Panasonic compact stereo system model SC-HC30DB, so that I can play my ipod touch music through its speakers?

I refer to the very discouraging review from one Panasonic owner. I've only just got my very first MP3 player (iPod Touch), and fitting it onto the existing dock plug allows it to play but only through the iPod itself, so I looked up my Panasonic manual, where it said 'Be sure to use the dock adapter either supplied with the iPod/iPhone or commercially available from Apple Inc.' If this universal adapter 3-pack is suitable I will purchase it from you, but I'm put off by your reviewer (1 of 2). Please kindly advise.

iPod Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack for iPod touch (4th generation)

iPod Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack for iPod touch (4th generation)

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    Well, I ordered it anyway, and yes: it does fit and does work, in case anyone else out there needs to know.

  • I have just purchased a Panasonoic SC-HC55DB and was disappointed to find in the Panasonic manual that a docking adaptor (not supplied by Panasonic) would be required to play my IPod. Googling the issue showed a great deal of confusion amongst owners about (a) what generation of IPod they had and how to find out (I have no solutions, I fear, to this. I think my IPod is second generation, but neither the documentation nor the "About" information on my IPod mention the term "Generation") and (b) which docking adaptor (there are several sold by the Apple Store) would be suitable for their Ipod.

    Eventually, I lost patience and, despite the Panasonic manual saying that damage could be caused by failing to use the appropriate docking adaptor, I simply dropped my IPod into the radio's IPod socket and the radio display burst into life, indicating "Charging IPod". The IPod subsequently operated perfectly. Clearly, not all IPods require a docking adaptor.