does this work with a zagg skin?

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

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    I purchased one of the leather skins for my iPad 2 and indeed, because it wraps around the edges not only would it impact the speaker I presume but also, the Smart Cover. They have a 45 day return policy even on opened product for which I am grateful so I have returned it. Note Zagg customer service told me that this would not be an issue.

  • Yes, I actually have the FB shield from Zagg and it works perfectly. If you already have the SC I would suggest that at least get the cover for the back as that is the only part that is not protected. I have the FB shield and I never have to worry about the device being scratched or not.

  • While I hate Zagg skins and any soft plasticy nonsense, neither the smart cover nor the screen will be negatively impacted by skins or screen protectors. I am using both a front and rear stiff plastic screen protector and the smart cover works the way it should. The screen protector has not impeded my using the iPad as a writing surface with my stylus either.