Do the magnets in the cover compromise the iPad Mini's performance? I heard you are not suppose to attach magnets to computers.

iPad mini Smart Cover

iPad mini Smart Cover

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    No, they will not harm the performance of the iPad in any way.

    The reason you should not use high-strength magnets around computers is specifically because of the storage medium: the hard drive (and legacy, floppy disks). These drives use electromagnets to polarize small sections of the disk when storing data. Bringing a large magnet around a disk drive could possibly change/modify those areas of memory, corrupting them.

    The iPad (as well as the MacBook Air and some MacBook Pros) use a different type of drive, called a solid State disk (SSD). These use a process that doesn't use magnetic medium, so have a magnet close to it will not in any way harm your data.

    I would, though, not suggest dropping a magnet on your iPad.

  • Absolutely. If you plan to use a compass app, any magnet in an aftermarket case will render the compass unusable.