Can you virtualize your existing PC without needing the install disk(s) or having to purchase a new copy of windows for use with vmware fusion 4?

I'm attempting to retire my old XP Home Edition machine. There are applications (MS Money and Tax Apps) that I simply don't want to give up on yet, so I'd like to run VMWare Fusion on my MacBook Pro. What I don't want to have to do though is buy a copy of Windows or anything, I just want to virtualize the existing Desktop and emulate / run it on my Mac. So again, with VMware Fusion 4, would I need to also by a copy of Windows or can I just virtualize what I already have?

VMware Fusion 4

VMware Fusion 4

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    The migration assistant will help you to make a usable virtual machine out of you real PC, it involves installing a small program on the PC and VMware does the rest via a network cable if I remember correctly.