13 or 15inch new MacBook Pro for photo editing? Is the 13inch screen too small?

I currently use a 14 inch laptop for photo editing. I have found the size great in terms of being able to rest it on the arm of an armchair and for transporting. But am not sure I could manage a screen any smaller. In terms of actual size of laptop the 15inch doesn't appear to be far off but does carry a higher price tag.

Current laptop is 34.5cm wide x 24cm deep.
New 13inch is 31.4 x 21.9cm
New 15inch is 35.89 x 24.71cm

I don't do a huge amount of photo editing on it at present as it just doesn't have the graphics or power - hence I am looking at the MacBook Pro with Retina with a view to using it mainly for photo editing.
And is it more memory or flash I should be opting for.

Would the 13inch suffice?

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