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    FireWire adaptor for connecting DV camcorder to Mac

    • Written by from London

    This lead is a perfect way to import HDV or mini DV tapes from camcorder - mine is a Sony HDR - HC7 - to Final Cut Pro X or another video editing software on a Mac. Gives full control of the camcorder from the computer interface. Simple to set up and works faultlessly - recommended!

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    Bit pricey but daisy-chain seemed to work

    • Written by from Bristol

    Just hooked up (daisy-chained) three Western Digital My passport Studio drives using this adaptor. Two of the drives are 1TB while the other is 2TB. My first attempt placing the 2TB drive at the end of the chain resulted in unexpected ejection error message. Then I reversed the order placing the 2TB at the start of the chain (assuming the 2TB draws more power than the 1TB drives). It worked fine. For me this proves the concept as it will be rare for me to operate a chain of three portable drives together at the same time.

    One thing to note: the adaptor does seemed to get a bit warm at the thunderbolt end during daisy-chain.

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    As good as my old iMac

    • Written by from Melbourne

    My Firewire 800 Drobo plugs into this adapter and into my new iMac no problem. The drive works just like it always did, as if my Firewire port had never been taken away. Perfect.

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    Very positive first impressions

    • Written by from WEST BYFLEET

    i was wary of buying this based on other reviews but glad I decided to give it a go.
    I am copying large amounts of data between drives and although my laptop has thunderbolt, nothing else I own does....!!
    I have managed to half my data transfer time by using this adapter with a Firewire 800 cable over the Usb 2 connection.
    I agree that the cable length is on the short side but i have not experienced any issues with the cable pulling out of the thunderbold connection.
    The price is high in my opinion but it functions well and does it's job (or at lease with the equipment i am using).
    Wish Apple would release a Usb 3 variant of this then I would have all my appliance covered for much better transfer speeds.
    In short; I would recommend this item.

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    Does what it needs to

    • Written by from Coulsdon

    I read a review which nearly put me off which said this cable fell out easily. That has not been my experience. I leave it plugged in with a firewire cable attached. If it was going to fall out, it would have done by now. I can see how repeated plugging in and out might do that, but not so far. It has done well.

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    Great Product, Does no more or less than what you would expect!

    • Written by from London

    Bought this adapter to connect a WD My Pasport Studio external hard disk to a 2011 MacBook Air. Has no issues powering the drive and works just as if a firewire port was integrated into the MacBook.

    The only "issue" is that is takes a couple more seconds to recognise the Hard Disk using the adapter compared to connecting to my MacBook Pro with firewire.

    Does get a bit warm to the touch, but not at all hot.

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