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    battery Life

    • Written by from Brighton

    The battery life is shockingly bad and a replacement is so expensive. My battery died completely after 12 months! Shame on Mac.

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    Oh dear ....

    • Written by from PRESTWICK

    I got my MBP in late 2008 and the battery, whilst never great, seemed to last a reasonable amount of time at first.

    I purchased this replacement battery just a month ago as the old one had completed its life expectancy of 300 cycles and was only lasting around 1.5 hours from fully charged. After only one month and 14 cycles, this battery seems to be nearly as bad as the one it replaced. Today, I've been surfing the net for just 25 minutes, using approx 35% screen brightness, no movies, and that's 20% of my battery gone already. On that basis, I'll be down to reserve power within 2 hours.

    Considering Apple claim a battery life of "up to 8-9 hours wireless productivity" on the latest unibody MBP's, isn't it time they incorporated that technology into a replacement battery for the older MBP's?

    To sum up, unless your old battery is completely defunct and you've got money to burn, this really is a waste of time, and I'd give it a miss!

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    0 Stars for Battery Life & Apple Support

    • Written by from Cork

    I had my Macbook Pro for 12 months and my battery has completely died. When I turn it on after being fully charged I get 3-5 minutes when it is only idle. If I open iTunes or Safari the computer just shuts off. Can't even handle one app to be open. I rang support for a replacement (within 1 year warranty) and was told I need to purchase one myself. Never have I said anything bad about Apple but after my recent telephone call and being subject to their lack of good service to a loyal customer this "business" has left a very sour taste in my mouth. Sort it out Steve.

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    Long lasting!

    • Written by from london

    I can reproach many things to my MB pro 15" but not its battery life, sometimes I can use it for more than 4hrs without charging it and what is incredible about it is I'm using Wi Fi. The last laptop I had before moving to mac don't even come close to this performance and, I needed to buy another bulky battery if I did want to match this kind of performance. Being a student and traveling inside and outside UK, I can surely tell when a battery has a low capacity as it is synonym of boredom or work not being finished when wanted, unless I'm in a train with plugs. I don't really see the use of having 2 batteries with this computer unless you need to use for more than 5hrs with no plugs around!
    Personal Fact: I started to use my computer at 9am this morning and I'm still using it with wi fi on and I still have 1h09mn, it is 12h42pm

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    Poor quality and very expensive

    • Written by from Cambridge

    My MacBook Pro is not even 2 years old and my battery holds a maximum of 2 hours only, 3 hours less than it used to. It is also swollen and it's pushing out the battery compartment door. It has only 65 cycles and 98% health, it's not supposed to act like this. I'm not buying a new one because It's just too expensive.

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    Macbook Pro battery

    • Written by from Kettering

    Starting from 100%, fully charged, the battery will run down to around 95%, showing a green [not charging] light in the magplug. It will only start recharging again back to 100% when it goes below 95% and then shows a red [charging] light in the magplug. It will show the charging light until it reaches 100%, when it once more shows green. This is normal behaviour for all Apple laptops.

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    Extremely Disappointing.

    • Written by from Bury

    When I purchased my MBP I was very aware of the numerous complaints being made and issues people were having with the batteries. With this in mind, I ensured that the battery was cycled on an almost monthly basis.

    Nevertheless, after having the laptop for around only 10 - 12 months I started noticing problems. At first the battery would last maybe an hour of internet browsing and after being completely drained and re-charged I could maybe get two hours. This become aggressively worse and by the time the laptop was 14 - 16 months old the charge was holding for no more than 20 minutes. I called Apple and was told that as the machine was out of warranty I would have to purchase a new battery myself.

    I've had the laptop now for around 24 months and haven't replaced the battery. It currently holds no charge and I have to keep the laptop connected to the mains constantly. Now, my problem is not with the disappointing customer service or the fact that I have to purchase the battery myself. My problem is with the cost of the battery, £101!? That is a serious amount of money to spend on a battery that isn't guaranteed to last longer than 10 months. Furthermore, if you take into account that the MBP cost me just over £1,700; I believe it verges on extortionate.

    I am now looking to purchase a new battery as having the laptop constantly connected to a mains supply, obviously, defeats the point of having a machine that is designed to be portable. However, I will not be purchasing one of these batteries but will be looking to buy a third party alternative - at more than half the price.

    I would strongly advise anyone else having problems to do the same.

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    extreme disapointment with mac battery

    • Written by from London

    I am big mac fan, since forever. My mother was working in a PC company as I was growing, we had up to 5 macs operating simultaneously at home, and now even more if you are counting all apple products. Apple is part of the family.
    This is going to be the third time I am buying a battery for my 15' macbook pro. This is lame.
    I feel Apple is doing intentionnaly short-lived expensive products, "engineered obsolescence" in the jargon. I dont need it to look so good if it doesnt work. I am not interested in a slick magnetic connector if the contact is not good, that accumulates metalic dust and fails at charging. Of course, my machine is out of warranty now, so I would have spent more than 300 GBP on the batteries alone and I am writing this review from my Ipad in the middle of the night, yes, I have spent my whole night trying simply to switch my machine on. I have lost files, my skype conversations have been interrupted multiple times, and now it just wont even start. It is 5AM and I am waiting for the apple store to open it's door. I will politely ask a new battery at the counter, but deep inside me I'm thinking I will buy a PC next occasion. Apple, it's been a pleasure.

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    • Written by from London

    Mine started losing charge almost from day one. Very quickly moved to having to have it plugged in permanently. Never got more than about 2 hours out of it. Hate pc's but c'mon apple - some of the stuff you throw out there is just not on.

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    Battery life

    • Written by from LONDON

    My macbook pro has never had more than 2 hours battery life from the day it was purchased, and I think that it is an insult to customers who have had machines for the past 4 years to have to pay 100 pounds plus for a battery replacement. Not good after sales service.

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    And again a bad battery...... deformation !!!!!

    • Written by from Durrus

    after the battery on my MBP 17" was 'swelling' and i could not even place the laptop on a flat surface due to deformation i now have the same problem again with my unibody MBP 15" model MacBookPro5,1. the lid at the bottom does not close properly any more because of deformation of the battery. the 'condition' says normal and i get about 1.5 hrs out of it after 273 cycles. maybe apple should do something about this !!!!

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    Swollen Battery

    • Written by from Athens

    After 3.5 years with only 82 cycles my battery swollen badly and apple doesn't extend its warranty with a replacement. That's not good apple with only one year warranty. You had to make exceptions for these and replace those batteries.

    The new one is not affordable!

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    4hrs With power Saving

    • Written by from Middlesex

    I bought a replacement battery so i can pass on my 2008 macbook,
    the battery running without power saving only gave me 2/3hrs,
    but with power saving, brightness set to 3 bars and keyboard backlight set to 3 bar or 2 bars i get 4hrs of battery which i think is good for a 2008 model macbook,
    also before buying a replacement make sure you really do need a replacement,
    easy way to check battery condition in lion is by holding the Option key and clicking the battery icon,
    if it says battery is normal then change you power saving option,
    also download gfxcardstatus which is a great app, and after installing change the graphics to discrete....

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    4 years and still going strong.

    • Written by from London

    Almost at the 4 years point with my battery. It's done 1054 cycles and is still at 93% capacity and lasts over 3 hours.

    Don't use your laptop on the power all the time, if it's fully charged let the battery run down and plug it when battery is low. This will make your battery last for years!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Other reviewers seem to think batteries last forever...

    • Written by from BRISTOL

    I've still got the original battery in my MacBook Pro, and it's done 425 cycles. Even so, it's only lost 1500mAh of capacity. If you look after the battery, i.e. don't use it when power is accessible, don't leave it flat, but also don't leave it unused for months, it will last for years. This one still lasts 3 hours! Better than most new PCs, and certainly better than any 3 year old PC battery.

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    • Written by from London

    Had my mac 2 years battery lasted for about 18 months and died. I'm going to have to replace it with another. Thx Apple. As if I havn't given you enough money already!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Durable battery

    • Written by from HULL

    My 15" MacBook Pro is on almost all day every day and I use it on battery power regularly. The battery health is still 96% after nearly 500 cycles. (That is a lot better than I achieved with batteries for my PowerBook G4. I had three of them and each lost a lot of capacity after 300 cycles.)

    When I need a replacement battery I will be able to install it, whereas more recent models, including my 13" MBP do not have a replaceable battery.

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    We are not impressed

    • Written by from Holstebro

    I'm now on my second battery for my MacBook Pro in far too little time. The first one just gave me less and less run time and therefore I bought the replacement, despite the low ratings here on the apple site. The second one is now suffering from swelling problems to the point where it no longer makes contact with the blades inside the computer. Now running on AC power only, since the battery no longer fits inside the computer. If you can live on AC only, do not wast the cash on this battery.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Four years of great use

    • Written by from Stamford

    I've just had to replace my heavily-used late 2008 MBP battery for the first time, it did over 770 cycles. Four years of great use. Can't complain. The battery replacement means I will easily get another couple of years out of the laptop.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lasted almost 3 years

    • Written by from Marupes nov.

    Stopped charging after exactly 666 cycles :)

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