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    Cam for street monitoring

    • Written by from Hove

    I wanted a cam that could view my driveway from upstairs window and to be able to record and alert me. Sort of works.

    First, the MAC software on the CD supplied won't find the CAM so you need to download the latest version from website. Detects fine then. You also need to have Java installed. Newest versions of Mac OS uninstall this so you may need to reinstall. Once that's done - you can view CAM feeds on iPad / iPhone with app from App Store or via web interface (Java) once you've joined.

    To record or do anything useful, you need the D-View CAM software - but this is only for Windows. It does seem to work if you install it under Parallels (I'm using version 9) and Windows 7. You need to turn off Windows Firewall and set Parallels to be in bridge mode (so it gets an IP address on the same subnet as your camera).Throw in a large second virtual drive for recordings and it seems to work. You can then configure multiple CAMs, recording to a schedule and lots of other useful things. Shame there is no Mac native version.

    Overall quality is pretty good at 480p. Night vision is good too so eventually will do what I want.

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    Beware of the cold

    • Written by from KĂžbenhavn

    It works perfectly even if it's a bit of a ordeal to get it to work. You have to have some patience setting the motion sensor to avoid getting 50 emails a day.

    BUT if you want to monitor a house in a cold place you should be aware that the operating temperature is between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius.

    Let's say it hasn't been a huge success this winter monitoring my house in Sweden....

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    No software for MAC and no function on Window 7 on ParallesDesktop

    • Written by from KASTRUP

    The camera comes with no software for MAC and I could not get it to work on Windows 7 via ParallesDesktop when the camera is not found on the network even if it is green light and should be active, so it's apparently not as simple and easy to install , as described..
    By downloading software for MAC D-Link.dk, so there is a fault in the software and can't be installed.

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