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    Brilliant Bit of Kit!

    • Written by from Sydenham

    Great addition to my DSLR toolkit. It’s brilliant for making time-lapse sequences – you can totally program when you want it to start, how long your camera shoots for and how often the shutter fires.
    I’m not sure why Darren T had an issue with getting out from behind the camera for self-portraits. The 20-second timer is perfect for taking photos with my kids. I have loads of time to set them up, get fingers out of noses and what not, and get myself in place too. It’s also really good if you want to do something more adventurous for a self-portrait that takes a bit of time, like climb a tree!
    If you want to trigger the camera remotely, I use the Sound mode with a delay – once I’m in shot I clap or shout, firing the shutter, and bingo – self portrait. It’s actually good fun. The Sound trigger works well for groups too – people love yelling to get the camera to go off.

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