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    Bought for Timelapse Photography

    • Written by from Thatcham

    Watched a tutorial on time-lapse photography as i was interested in doing this, Quicktime pro 7 was recommended to create the video file, its easy and excellent, yes it looks a bit dated next to newer software but why the some of features in it were removed from quicktime is beyond me. not sure if at this point what the newer alternative is though.

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    • Written by from west malling

    All of the reviews for this product are complaining about things that this software is not capable to do, and it has never been said that it CAN do those things. Everything that quicktime says it can do, it does, and in style.

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    Yep does what I need

    • Written by from Todmorden

    mkv files to mp4 - HD media ready for the PS3 and Xbox platforms

    Excellent quality and options, great little bit of software

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    Great tool!

    • Written by from Yate

    I oh so nearly didn't spend my £20 on quicktime 7 pro, but I'm glad I decided not to listen to all the negativity! I bought it yesterday and have been having so much fun converting my vacation videos and transferring to my IPOD Touch, that I am all behind in my real work....it's magic! Easy to use? Absolutely!(I'm no computer genius by any means)

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    Its all pro and no cons

    • Written by from Sutton Coldfield

    After Reading all of the reviews I was a little worried about spending £20 on software. Especially as I previously had free software on the PC.

    QuickTime had been highly recommended by a few friends, so I spent the £20 and went for it. I'm so glad I did !! The output quality was perfect from a avi to iPhone and a 20 min video converts in about 8 mins. Then after clicking on the file, imported it directly Into iTunes. I couldn't have asked for a easier app. Well done apple.

    Ps. Although other reviews are saying it doesn't play certain files, do they know about the free addons ? Divx etc

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    Just what I needed.

    • Written by from Crewe

    I needed a program for converting various video files to play on devices like the iPod and Playstation 3. Quicktime Pro works perfectly for this.

    All my encoding needs in one package. Perfect.

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    Great for video editing...

    • Written by from Lincoln

    I see an awful lot of people getting hot under the collar about this upgrade. The fact is that this is a piece of software designed to work with Apples other Pro App's (ie, Final Cut Studio, etc) and for that it's an indispensable tool. Export files, trim files which have been a left a little long on the time line, compress for upload, separate audio from the video, etc, etc. This offers some great tools which I use almost daily and get driven mad if I don't have them to hand when on another Mac...

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    • Written by from St. Leonards-on-Sea

    I, too, am surprised at the negative comments on QuickTime Pro. I use it pretty much every day for resizing video, converting audio. It works for me!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what it says on the tin

    • Written by from LONDON

    After reading most reviews on this product which were kinda low I was wondering what's the problem with this.
    But I bought Pro for exporting videos into smaller formats like playback on my phone, resizing for video streaming in online sites and saving trailers.
    Does what it says on the tin

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    • Written by

    Quicktime pro is fantastic - it is so cheap compared to many other authoring programs and the optmisation works well.

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    Get the best out of QuickTime 7

    • Written by from Westcliff on-sea

    With QuickTime Pro, it gives you greater access when you go through the quicktime movies website. Once I purchased the key, I went straight to the quicktime movies website where you can preview films and games.And once you've watch the movie or game preview, you can save it as a quicktime movie and you can watch again with having to go online.Once you've got the key just click on system preferences in the dock then click on quicktime icon make sure the register tab is selected.Type your name and key in, and your away!

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