Will this device continue to work if I lose all network connectivity? Examples, in a gym that does not have signal or WiFi or on a remote ride.

adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor for Bluetooth Smart

adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor for Bluetooth Smart

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    Hi Fabert,

    As far as I know Bluetooth connectivity has nothing to do with WiFi or cell signal. The connection is between the two devices and will remain unless you turn the devices off or remove the connection.

    The miCoach Mobile App only needs WiFi or cell data coverage for downloading the App, Login/Registering and Syncing the workouts to the miCoach website.

    During the workout the App simply uses the settings which have been downloaded to the iPhone/iPod to make sure the workout data stays personalized for you.

    If you are outside then the device uses GPS to record things like distance, pace and speed. GPS is also independent of WiFi and cell data coverage. The route will simply be calculated at the end once you have synced.

    As with most smartphones the iPhone uses A-GPS so this means that if you have WiFi and data services turned off then the GPS data may suffer.

    Hope this helps answer your questions.



  • to use the hrm and strap #z51348 do you have to have your ipod or iphone or ipad with you as you run?

  • Yes it does. You will have to manually upload workout data when back in range of wifi.