which side is the ear phone plug socket on 5th generation?

I bought an arm band for my 5thgeneration ipod but the earphone socket opening was on the right hand side, my ipod earphone socket is one the left. Shop not able to explain/help!

iPod nano Armband

iPod nano Armband

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  • You bought an armband for the 4th generation iPod. I did the same thing. I don't know why but they moved the earphone socket from the right to the left side. I still had the packaging so I returned and bought the correct one. If you still have it, look on the back of the packaging and it says which model the armband fits.

    I had to purchase from the website, they didn't have in the store at the time. Don't know if they will have it in the stores now that generation 6 iPod is out You may have to get on the website. However, I would still try to get them to take it back.

  • Best Answer:

    It is on the bottom.