What happens if hipKey battery dies, bluetooth disconnects or power is turned off?

What kind of failsafe protection is there? Say, for example, the hipKey is on a child and the iPhone is monitoring in Child/Alarm (proximity) mode, and any of the following happen:
1 - The hipKey battery runs out or simply fails?
2 - The bluetooth connection is lost (it happens, interference, etc)?
3 - The child or an abductor simply turns the hipKey off before going beyond alarm range?

hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm

hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm

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    First of all the likelihood of hipKey powering down without pre-warning is very little.

    The battery last for many weeks, and in the App there is a hipKey battery indicator, that warns the user when it is time to recharge hipKey. Even when the hipKey app is running in the back-ground the user will still be notified when it is time for hipKey to be charged.

    Answers to the specific scenarios:

    1): In case one of the three modes are ON (Alarm Mode, Child Mode or Motion Mode) an alarm is activated on iPhone / iPad. In case all three modes are OFF but hipKey is still connected to iPhone / iPad (the Find Me feature is active), no alarm is activated on iPhone / iPad.

    2) Same as 1)

    3) If Child Mode is ON and hipKey is turned off an Alarm is activated on iPhone / iPad.