Must this be plugged in using an Ethernet cable or will it work wirelessly to connect to my home network?

My modem/wireless router thingo is in one room of the house and the antenna connection in another, so I am hoping this EyeTV NetStream will connect wirelessly to my home netwrork - I suppose I could attach and Airport Expres to the EyeTV but I have a lot of problems with Airport Express being stable

Elgato EyeTV Netstream DTT

Elgato EyeTV Netstream DTT

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    Contrary to another answer here, you do NOT need an ethernet cable to connect the Airport Express to your existing network. You can connect to your existing wi-fi network wirelessly so that the Express acts as a bridge. I have this set up to connect my PVR to the network: the PVR doesn't have wifi so I connect it via ethernet cable to the Express, and the Express connects wirelessly to my home network.

  • Ethernet cable is a must, I'm afraid. For what it's worth, I use mine connected to an Airport Express and I generally don't have too many difficulties, although I have noticed occasional stutter when streaming to two devices simultaneously.

  • I have just brought this unit and despite any information I could get on the net previously I could not get it to work seamlessly when it is plugged into an Airport Express. It is very intermitent. It has nothing to do with tv signal. The router needs to be able to handle a better signal than the airport express can handle.

    This is not a wireless broadcast unit. It needs to be plugged into a decent wireless router.