It appears that this box requires a 200 volt input..... is there a model for a 120volt input?

I only have 120 volt available for input power. Also, at the moment, everything runs on 120 volts...... this product appears to be based on the European standard of 230 volts......of course the iMAC can run on 230 volt power..... but other peripherals maybe not.....??? is there a US version of this??

iDowell iBox UPS 550 VA

iDowell iBox UPS 550 VA

Product No Longer Available

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  • Look at the pictures and click to zoom in. You will be able to see that it has Three (3) plug-ins on the back (not least evidently for the US model?), as well as a close-up of the rear label, which details the voltage specs, again evidently for the US model, showing 120V.

    Before purchasing, I would highly recommend visiting their European website though, also posted on the label, hopefully to get more details, and/or speaking with an Apple Store rep.