is both the case and the cover is included in that price or the case only without the top part ?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

Product No Longer Available

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    The Smart Case is all one piece, front and back.

  • It is a single piece, so the front and back are one piece like a book dust cover.

  • This is a smart cover with the back case attached. So, it's all-in-one.

  • The Smart Covers only cover the front of your iPad. A Smart case is a different product that covers both the front and back part of the iPad. Cover and Case are 2 different products. One covers the back and the other does not. Hope that helps

  • It is all one piece. The cover doesn't detach.

  • Both cover and back are one complete unit

  • Both the front and the back sections of the case are included

  • They are both attached, so they are a bundle.

  • They are both included because it is one piece. There is no "both".

  • Hi Mohamed ,

    The case is one piece and can't be removed from each other.


  • It's all one piece so you get both the front and back.

  • it is one complete case the cover is attached to the back. so you are getting the full protection for that price.

  • It is an all in one case for the $49 price. The smart cover is now attached to the back cover, although if you do not like the back covered they are still selling the original smart covers too.

  • It is a back cover and a smart cover fused in one piece; therefore, both are provided

  • They are attached. The back and front cannot be separated.

  • Both. It is one composite piece

  • Both the back part and the front part are connected it is a brand new case that has a smart cover and a back case induced together in one piece, so the price shown is for the case (front and back)

  • It's all in one piece (fused together). So you get the smart cover and back for that price.

  • The "New Smart Case" is all one piece, the smart cover is attached to the case and doesn't come off.

  • The cover is attached to the back case so both are included.