I was under the impression apple did not allow the Bluetooth profile for track controls on iPhone/iPad. Are these different for some reason?

From product description: "Bass-thumping stereo sound to fuel your workout\SwitchStream and integrated mic, volume and track control for iPhone/iPod/iPad Supreme comfort with three sizes of ear sleeves for customized fit"

FYI: iPhone does not allow for the jaybird 200 to perform track change functions without the jaybird app.

Philips ActionFit Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headset (SHB6000)

Philips ActionFit Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headset (SHB6000)

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    This was resolved with the iOS 4.1 upgrade. I can verify that since upgrading I can now move to the next track or the previous track using the buttons on my bluetooth stereo headset (not the Philips). I am not able to fast forward or rewind within the same track. However, this is a significant improvement over previous generations of Apple's stereo bluetooth implementation that lacked the basic track management capability.

  • I specifically asked Philips Support (online chat) today whether these headphones supported changing tracks on the iPhone 4 and IOS 4.1, since other bluetooth headphones do now allow changing tracks under 4.1. They said that the headphones are "still not compatible with the iphone 4 and ipad skipping feature." I asked them to check again, saying that the description of the item indicates that it does allow changing tracks, and asking them specifically to check whether the IOS upgrade made a difference. They rechecked, reporting that the "latest compatibility does not list this feature." Has anyone tested the actual headphones to confirm?