How good is the sound isolation. 1= very poor 10= total silence??

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote Headphones

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote Headphones

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    The sound isolation would be much better if you change the factory supplied silicone ear buds with memory foam ones. The ones that I used are MoBeast memory foam ear tips of which you can get on eBay. After using the MoBeast memory foam ear tips the sound isolation is 9-10 but with the factory supplied silicone it is around 6-8. I hope my answer is of help.

  • I use the small silicone buds they come with, and I would rate them 9 or 10, but there have been three different types of silicone ones, and only one of them fits me properly. (Ive got them all as spares) So, if they fit properly they'll be great. p.s. I'd use foam ones if I had to, they're worth it!

  • 8-10.
    My experience to date has been great.
    I have found that it depends on the volume at which you listen to your music.