Does it work with OSX Lion? it seems not!

I have bought a 16GB Secure Key and tried to set it to work on my iMac and also my Mcair Book, both with OSX Lion. Did not work.

  • Asked by Winfried D
  • 28-Jul-2012
Integral USB Secure Key Flash Drive

Integral USB Secure Key Flash Drive

Product No Longer Available

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    It initially worked on MacBook Air & Macbook Pro with Lion, for about 5 minutes! The encryption software that is pre-loaded with it is very ropey and caused a data loss on my main MBP drive. This happened during a decryption and planned deletion of a single pdf document in Windows when running Parallels on my MBP - Parallels suddenly crashed then the spinning beach ball appeared over Finder. I force quit and found all my folders on Finder were deleted bar the apps. Nasty! I tried it on a PC the next day. The pre-loaded software the USB Key has a dreadful UI, folders dragged over to decrypt lost all the documents that were encrypted. I returned the product to Apple within 14 days to claim a refund - avoid this product is my best advice.

    • Answered by Alan C
    • 12-Aug-2012