can you use The Bose Companion 20 with my new 27 inch iMac?

Already purchased the Harman Kardon speakers on line from the apple store unboxed them and tried to hook them up only to find they are not compatible. Would have been nice if apple would have indicated that up-front. Now I have waited too long and can no longer return them.

Bose Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes. I had a set hooked up and they worked great. Plug and play. I didn't like the sound quality of the Bose speaker though and purchased a set of Klipsch speakers from best buy to replace them. Gave the Bose speakers to my wife for her computer, iPad and iPod and she loves them. No highs all lows Bose....I listen to a lot of music and play my guitars through my iMac and the sound quality wasn't what I was looking for.

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  • yes you should be able to use it for it, cause i to have a 27 inch iMac! and it's a lovely peace of machine. it's like Shaft meeting a cool leather Jacket.