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    Easy-to-use than the 30 pin cable

    • Written by from 广州

    Even in the dark, it is easy to charge my iphone 5s. However, it is also easy to be broken.

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    Price is letting it down!

    • Written by from Woori Yallock

    I have had my iPhone 5 for alomst 2 years and the cable has only just gave out.. I must say I seem to be the only person that has had a cable last more than a few months! I would give more stars but the price of these cables has really

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    Not bad

    • Written by from Georgetown

    This cable is ok, I've had two in the last two years and they work fine, but they don't last that long. The insulation at the lightning end of the cable usually breaks and splits, and exposes the wires inside. You can wrap the broken bit with electrical tape but that's a bit geeky. It works though.

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    Poor Usage

    • Written by from rochester

    I've been in the trade for more years than Apple, and to be fair to them, these cables are consumable items. The reason they fail is due to everyday usage, where they are being stretched, bent near the ends, and otherwise "abused". I would rather the cables fail than the sockets, which would cost you much more to have replaced, and that wouldn't be a warranty issue. We get the same problem with Laptop power supplies.

    There is no easy answer, but don't beat up Apple for producing a good low cost product for once, which if you look after will last a long time. My IPAD1 power supply lead is still going 4 years later after heavy usage. I just take more care of it....

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    Solution to Lightning cable not working problem

    • Written by from AUCHENFLOWER

    I came across another review that provided a solution to the apparent cable problem. I have replaced 3 cables but it is not the cable that is faulty. I later found that lint had accumulated in the lightening port. I turned the iphone off and carefully removed the lint with a toothpick (at first glance no lint could be seen in the port). A considerable amount a lint came out.

    After that the cable noticably went in further and the phone charged perfectly. All the cables I've purchased will now work with the phone.

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    iphone 5 charger cable

    • Written by from Brandon

    i personally do like the new lightning chager, but the cables break all the time. i got an iphone 5 for christmas 2013 and i have went through at lease 3 chargers because the wires inside the cable break and it would no longer charge the phone.

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    Too high in price and still too short

    • Written by from Lees Summit

    What a rip off! Cable works as advertised yet very disgusted in its price of 29 bucks. Really Apple!?!? Why so high in price, haven't you ripped off countless of others? Ten bucks is all this cord should cost and you still will take in a healthy profit! I don't need a fancy shipping box, etc I just want cables that won't rip me off and probably others agree. AND PLEASE get a 10' cable, but for not so much money that rips the end user off.

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    Lightening Cord

    • Written by from Page

    I have had my cord since last September. It has worked well without any problems till recently. The past month the plastic that surrounds the cord has split and peeled off, which exposes the wiring underneath. The base of where it plugs into the phone is starting to split, and the connection is not as strong. I love the product and have no issues, but this is a major negative for me. For not even lasting a year, it seems to be a lower quality compared to the past cords from Apple. I will be purchasing a few cords, and I hope it does not repeat this same issue again in the next few months.

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    Great Apple longer cable But

    • Written by from Somerville

    I like that you brought out a larger cable it helps a lot you trying to use the iPad is charging at the same time but are you still have a feel that if you could bring a free meter or five meter cable as i used to have for my 30 pin devices

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    Low quality

    • Written by from Luton

    Apple always make the best premium products. But unfortunately these cables breaks easily after few months of use. They have to do something about it. It's like the 3rd cable I'm buying in 9 months.

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