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    • Written by from Honolulu

    My dad bought this from Anchorage Apple store, I just got this yesterday. Today I went outside to play with this- too many scratches.
    With out nubby cover, its hard to play on outside. But its also most awesome toy EVERRRRR!
    It is also very fun to play with it.
    Just thinking to how to erase scratches.
    Finally, Sphero is most awesome toy ever!

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    Nice ball

    • Written by from La Puente

    I picked up my sphero at the apple store 3 days ago, and I got to say its really nice it works and its a lot of fun. The only thing I'd would have really liked is if the ball would be able to fallow you around and if it came with the nubby cover included because the finish gets scratches, other than that I'm satisfied with my purchase.

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    Excellent but OP

    • Written by from henfield

    Really great product to play with, the colours are really good and so is great for night use, me and my friends love playing with the apps that come with it as well. However saying all of this I still don't think it is worth the full £100, possibly £80 would be fair. I do like the see through aspect of it as you can see the moving parts which is really interesting. Overall excellent but OP

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    Price to high

    • Written by from Nowra Hill

    For what it is it is very pricy maybe if it was 120 is would be good because I am afrade to hit anything

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