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    Jack of all, ace of none

    • Written by from Cardiff

    if you are an average music listener and you are moving up from Solo HDs or in ear headphones then you will notice a massive improvement, the new studios are very very loud, louder than some phone speakers. The intense bass is like a shock wave it dominates and is extremely powerful, great if you are listening to rap or R'n'B but if not then it can be intrusive, but the highs scream and there is a nice rich texture to the mids. But you may find that the sound is a bit more cloudy compared to different brands like Bose, but still fantastic anyway.

    The headphones are really quite large, you can no longer throw them in your pocket, and due to the extremely comfortable around ear design, the case is gigantic, it can't go anywhere else than in a bag.
    The 20 hour battery life is great but still doesn't let you listen to music whenever you want. Being plastic they don't feel very durable and you are always scared of damaging them.

    Overall very nice though

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