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    Cleanliness is fashion

    • Written by from San Jose

    I use the shatzii for my sunglasses and iphone. I saw the shatzii at the apple store and thought it was super cute! Once you use a shatzii, you'll wonder why you used to wipe your expensive iphone and sunglasses on your dirty jeans, sweats, or shirt, and then decide to put it back on your face. So gross! Look, if you're like me then your phone is your life, so take care of it! This screen cleaner really does the job, my iphone screen is clear, no scratches, oil, or fingerprints. I honestly think I'm going to buy more shatzii cloths...it's a good present for friends and I personally want one to match each of my bags :)

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    • Written by from San Francisco

    I just bought the Schatzii Smart Cloth and I already love it. I opened the package and used it immediately and my screen is so much more cleaner than any other cloth I've ever used. I highly recommend this. I LOVE IT!!!!

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    Excellent !!

    • Written by from San francisco

    I really like my Schatzii cloth. I don't have to put anymore screen protectors to avoid the grease from my fingers. Because of the nature of my work my fingers get dirty and I use an Ipad to track progress of work and place work orders but those fingers prints with this cloth can be clean easily.

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    Very Chic

    • Written by from San Francisco

    OMG, the Schatzii clothes are awesome! My friends love it. It's very chic and highly mobile. I carry it with me all the time. It's perfect for cleaning my iPad, iPhone or sunglasses while I'm on the go. I'm just glad that Apple offers them in two packs because my wife and I would be fighting over one. Great product Apple!

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    Feeling germ free

    • Written by from Seattle

    As I have seen countless news stories about what germs can live on my PDA's it totally shocked me. I'm literally walking around with a petri dish! Since I've been using my Schatzii Smart cloth I feel a lot more at ease about what is not living on my PDA's! Love all the designs! Great idea Apple!!

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    Works really well on my macbook and iphone!

    • Written by from Hamilton

    Just got schatzii smart cloth as a gift from a dear friend and tried it on my iphone and macbook and it cleaned both of them really well.
    I must say, this cloth is pretty smart after all!!! Did not need to use any sprays!
    Easy to clean and fast!
    The design is pretty too. Mine is buddha's feast and Madrid. Apparently the cloths have individual names.

    Love it!

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