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    Clean heads nightmare

    • Written by from Jonesborough

    I print about once a week or so. EVERY TIME I have to clean the heads or it won't print page clearly. Seems like it's set up to make you waste ink. I don't know if all AirPrint by a Epson are like this but mine is. Next time I will do more reading before purchase. It has been easy to use and that's a plus.

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    Fine -when it works

    • Written by from Bournemouth

    We wanted an iPad/phone compatible printer that was compact and had separate ink cartridges. This one is fine when it feels like doing the job but there is a lot of turning devices off/on and waiting ,waiting ,waiting while it whirls and clatters into action. Kids have learned to print out all homework the night before as expecting a quick response is out of the question. Good price I guess but would like to see something compact that does the job with less temperamental behaviour...

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    Head cleaning

    • Written by from Pikesville

    If the printer sits for a week or two the heads need to be cleaned.
    Otherwise nothing prints or lines are skipped.

    Sometimes it drops off the network and I need to power down and up to find it from my iPad.

    When it works the print quality is very good.
    Just don't expect others in your household, who may not be as computer literate, to always know how to deal with these issues!

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    It's Ok Nothing Special

    • Written by from Oakland

    Setting up was interesting, it says its capable of connecting wirelessly to the network by using the LCD screen but I ended up having to manually set it up on my Mac. For the price it should include faxing, seeing since cheaper printers on the site include faxing. Not like I need it, just an observation. It prints well, it's a little noisy but you can turn the silent mode on. All around it's ok.

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