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    Loved it but not accurate

    • Written by from Birmingham

    This is a beautifully designed piece of kit in the highest tradition of made-for-Apple accessories with a neat App and a website sync option. I have a bulky but accurate NHS type issue Omron monitor and wanted something portable for holidays etc. The iHealth seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately although the upper (Systolic) and heartbeat readings were virtually identical to the Omron, the lower reading (diastolic) was consistently over recording by around 20%. I took several like-for-like comparison readings over several days and the results were always the same. I really wanted this to work and tried every possible variation of fitting and position. Eventually I returned it to Apple who took it back without quibbling. It may be that I had a faulty one and that a replacement would have been fine. There is some opinion out there that wrist monitors are not as accurate as the upper arm ones which is presumably why you rarely if ever see health professionals etc. using them. In the end I bought another Bluetooth monitor from Apple, but this time an upper-arm one which works fine, though inevitably it's nowhere near as neat as the iHealth. What a shame.

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    Good idea, woefully inaccurate

    • Written by from Portola Valley

    This product is a good idea, but it reads inconsistently compared not only to successive readings a few minutes apart, but compared to an old Omron home unit (arm cuff style, but otherwise reads out automatically to a display). And in the doctors office, compared to her properly calibrated device.

    The iHealth unit reads higher than actual in general, but in successive reading 3 minutes or so apart, the reading varies by over 20 point (like 151 to 131; actual BP is 124).

    As another poster said, maybe the unit must be positioned EXACTLY correctly on the wrist. But most people won't get it that perfect all the time, and compared with an arm cuff, which is easy to position, it's just not ready for prime time yet.

    The iPad / iPhone app works perfectly; offline readings are easy to do and to the upload to the iPad, etc.

    The Apple store took the return without any fuss - so that's a star or two in Apple's corner!

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    Wrist monitor inaccurate and difficult to use, good app though

    • Written by from Georgetown

    Compared to arm cuff. Results vary markedly, they are not even consistently lower or higher than the arm to allow me to add or subtract the difference when travelling.
    Forearm must be at a certain angle for it to work. When travelling have find a consistent desk and cushion set up to avoid tensing arm muscles to maintain angle, leading to even greater inconsistencies.
    If you want accurate results use an I-health arm cuff.
    App is very good.

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    This might be an excellent product...

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    but I could not prove it. This morning I took it back to the store because it did not seem to be compatible with the iPhone 5. The sales associate was very helpful and showed me how tho it never worked in the store, we decided that it was because the unit was not fully charged and neither was my phone. So I returned home with it charged it fully and attempted to get it to work. I read and re-read the manual and the trouble shooting section. Bluetooth worked, it seemed. The App seemed to work. Over and over, possibly 30 or more times I started the unit and waited through the testing time. Each time the process failed due to a 'communication error". I tightened the wrist piece, loosened the wrist piece, the repositioned my arm multiple times. I did everything I could think of. I decided that I had had enough and returned again. I got my money back this time. This may work actually but it is too complicated for me.

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