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    Beautiful piece

    • Written by from London

    Only if they did MM-1 with Airplay... otherwise z2 is superb piece of speakers from B&W. The design is beautiful and sleek, blends in well. As I haven't tested the sound in store so was really excited when played my lossless through them... OMG it was beautiful, Closed my eyes and sat right in front of it and it feels like I was in Royal Albert Hall listening to LSO playing Bach. Filled the room beautifully, obvious note is that my living room is not huge so it definitely fills it well. Trying out some different genres like RnB, Rock, etc I was very positively surprised by the Bass from such a tiny package! The bass is very very decent. I don't know if it is my settings, but as I wanted to listen through the speakers after 2200 (have don't disturb thy neighbour policy) I couldn't get the sound down enough. Thus I don't really understand the reviews saying it does not perform well at higher volumes... and those saying the sound is not loud enough. At the price less than £200 definitely a buy!
    On setting up the AIrplay, well super easy! Download the app follow the steps and you're fine!! If you skip ahead or think you know what your doing and haven't followed the steps, it might seem much trickier than it actually is. In Overall beautiful piece of kit and amazing sound. Superb music player while preparing food and stuff.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent sound in a compact package

    • Written by from Jersey City

    The sound on this thing is amazing. It's a small package that really delivers. The airplay set-up is really easy. Once you've paired it with your wifi it works perfectly across all of your apple products. Would highly recommend this to any one looking for a compact speaker system with some really great sound

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