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    Flawed Wonder

    • Written by from New York

    The sound from this inexpensive unit is awesome. I recently used it to provide background music for two rooms containing 150 people. No sweat. Volume to spare. Great sound.

    Now for the bad part: the WiFi. For some reason B&W has chosen to only allow airplay thru a home WiFi router. You can't just play directly from your iPhone to the unit as you can, for instance, with a Bose unit. I think B&W was trying to emulate Sonos or something. It was not a good decision. The result for me is that even at home, where I have good WiFi, even on the same floor, the sound cuts in and out. So I connect to it with an AUX cable. Not what I had in mind.

    There is an app you use to set up the WiFi. (Proof that your iPhone could connect directly to the unit over WiFi.) That app is just for setup; it can't be used to control anything (like volume). Since there is no volume control on the unit itself, if you lose the little remote you are SOL.

    Wish I could write a more positive review because the sound is indeed awesome.

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