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    Top of the line

    • Written by from Ajax

    Parrot Zik Review

    My wife and I have used the Parrot Zik for almost 2 months with our iPhone 5s and 5c, listening to music, audio books and Netflix/Apple TV in noisy urban environments and also at our rural cabin.

    Our tastes in music and other audio are very different so the Zik were a wonderful way to enjoy our own entertainment at a good volume, while at the same time not interfering or intruding on each other.

    Rather than using separate rooms with closed doors, we could sit together on the couch with no sound leaking through to either side.

    We also tested the sound cancelling capabilities around construction and machinery. Overall impressions are very high. The headphones are comfortable, easy to use (pairing and installation of the Parrot app took just minutes) and sound terrific. The also do an excellent job of cancelling out external noise.

    Wearing them for hours was very comfortable as they are light and adjust to fit nicely. Controls are intuitive and easy to use. We did not need to consult the manual to start using, although I did read through it later for the sake of being thorough on understanding all the features.

    Battery life seems a bit short, but charging is quick and spare batteries are inexpensive and easily swapped. The Parrot Zik are an impressive piece of kit for anyone who enjoys music, audio books or the sounds of silence and we are using them regularly. Once again, Parrot has come up with a winner!

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    • Written by from New Maryland

    I am in love with these things. The sound quality is amazing and the comfort is the best I have ever felt.
    The time between charges was a complete surprise. I wear them most of the day sometimes and check the remaining battery life and it has hardly moved!
    If you enjoy and appreciate the quality and clarity of your music as much as I do I promise that you will be blown away.

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    Solid Wireless sound. Great quality. Beautiful design.

    • Written by from Gauteng

    I’ve always respected Parrot Products, they are unique, innovative and consumer focused. I had no doubt that the Zik headphones would be great. After all, Parrot claims they have created the world’s “most advanced wireless headphones”.

    From the moment you open the box, you realise the that is was build with precision and care. The feel of the Zik is of quality. A particular focus on aesthetics and simplicity. Designed by renowned Philippe Starck. And it shows, it is beautiful.

    The noise cancellation is very good.
    The Zik uses four microphones that monitor the surrounding noise, then it creates opposing sound waves to actively cancel the noise.

    The Zik uses the following audio codecs: AAC & SBC.
    I tested it by connecting the jack to a DAC and to the headphones.
    To me, an important element for great sound is to listen to it at low volume, I know, it sounds strange, but the way any headphone performs at low volume is of paramount importance to the audio quality it delivers. The Zik did not disappoint at any stage. I used various uncompressed files from Classical to Modern music. The sound is pristine. In all ranges, from good quality lows to full mids and dynamic highs. But the beauty of these headphones is in its flexibility. Use the App to tweak the sound to your exact liking.
    From Mp3’s to uncompressed, from Bluetooth to direct in, the headphones sounded exceptionally good.

    The touch surface is ideal for interacting with devices, no need to touch your phone or PC. You can control various functions of the Zik by sliding your finger on the surface of the right ear cover.
    A very intuitive feature.

    It is certainly not an impulse buy, but a well formulated decision to own a unique set of earphones.
    No doubt that you will be extremely happy with the Zik. Not only will the technology of the Zik’s amaze you today, but it guarantees to be future proof. Parrot’s firmware updates will add more functionality and features in time to come. I personally hope they add a battery indicator without having to go into the app. Maybe increase battery life and refine the app a bit more.
    Its pure audio brilliance. In every sense.
    Thats value for money.
    You will appreciate music again.

    Well done Parrot, I think you certainly created the world’s best wireless headset.

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    Parrot Zik -Stylish, Functional and Hi Tech, all you want in Headphones

    • Written by from Edmonton

    The best features of all headphones on the market have finally been combined into a single product in the Parrot Zik along with high style and technology! The noise cancelling of Bose, Bluetooth connectivity of Blue Buds and the technology of Parrot! I've been a long time user of Bose noise cancelling headphones including the over ear and in ear. The only downside was no Bluetooth which makes things so convenient. Now I don't have to worry about that with the Parrot Zik! Love these headphones!

    Summarized benefits in the following:

    Style and Design
    - Stylish
    - Nice cables with weaved fabric, not cheap plastic
    - Nice sturdy and weighty headphones
    - Easily adjustable, marked notches to remember adjustments
    - Magnet battery cover for easy access and clean lines

    - Bluetooth connectivity
    - Easy to use and intuitive "touch pad" audio controls
    - Volume slider adjustment is great, hear the volume change as you "slide"
    - Auto pause feature is awesome, take your headphones off and the music stops!
    - iPhone/iPad app for audio controls and headphone settings
    - Lithium battery

    Audio Quality and Comfort
    - Excellent fit and comfort
    - Great bass and audio range and clarity
    - Adjustable sound settings for noise cancellation, concert sound, equalizer
    - Phone calls are clear and easy to answer

    What's Included
    - Headphones
    - Rechargeable battery
    - Headphone cable for hardwire connections
    - Charging cable
    - Travel bag
    - Free downloadable app

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    no good not worth the coin :(

    • Written by from Safety bay

    I was really excited to take these home!! had they had a pair in store i could have listened to i probably wouldn't have been.


    -Very stylish and sturdy, looks incredible, Polished, clean and the metal design looks like it won't break from sitting on

    -relatively easy to pair with devices

    -comfortable to wear, but i think you need a wide head, i lean forward and they come straight off


    -Sound is horrible, was very dissapionting No volume at all, and when you do try and turn it up the bass just distorts sounds like a $30 pair of headphones in my opinion

    - sound is only editable from parrot app, so if you want to change something but paired to your mac u have to swap it to iPhone and change it then back to your mac again. Not fun when your trying to get it right for a movie

    -the touch pad whilst is a cool design needs work its way to sensitive and i constantly had to turn it off and on again to make the controls work

    Bsaically i returned them the next day and surprisingly swapped them for a pair of beats studio wireless.

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    Really cool headphones by Parrot

    • Written by from antwerpen

    Awsome headphones !
    The Noise cancelling system really works nice!
    The free ITunes app is easy in use
    Great comfort on your head!
    The touch panel on the rightearshell is very easy in use!
    The sound of the music is pretty amazing!
    Have to say that it is a good Price/quality purchase!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Litchfield

    i am so glad that i did not listen or pay attention to all the bad reviews. Worth every single penny. Of course there are a few glitches here and there but that is totally to be expected with a wireless device. Even when i use it while biking, its still sounds great. Will definitely recommend it for a friend.

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    Simply Stunning!

    • Written by from Islington

    I love music and want to get the most bang for buck so I tried the Beats Pro headphones and the sound quality was pretty good... however, after an hour I started to get headaches then two hours in... I had to take them off! Those headphones are very HEAVY!!! The quality of the headband wasn't great and neither was the overall feel of them; they felt cheap. I tried them with the band on top of my head, behind, but they just slid off! They do look great, but I'm after comfort, design aesthetic with bold bass and sensuous quality in all ranges of music where you slip on the headphones, close your eyes and morph into a different world. The Beats Pro do not provide this.

    I have tried many of the other 'high quality' brands too... But none were really doing it for me.

    I was flicking through details.com and they reviewed their top ten headphones, so I did some digging into them and decided to give the Parrot's a go. I headed to the nearest store which sold them, paired up my iPhone and BAM! I had the quality, complete with adjustable EQ right through my phone! They feel great to the touch, the leather is incredibly soft and they look amazing! I tried a load of different genres to make sure they didn't just sound good with one particular genre and I wasn't disappointed!

    Using the active panel to turn up/down the volume, skip tracks, answer/end phone calls is wonderful in all it's simplicity.

    The ability to upgrade the firmware in such an easy way is a pleasant surprise... Drag and drop! Doesn't get much easier!

    I've read a lot of comments about battery life, but when I'm working in the office, I hook up the audio cable instead of relying on the battery and when I'm on the train I use pure wireless. There are times when in the office if I'm moving around a lot then I'll use pure wireless and the juice hasn't run out yet!

    The mics are great too... Although you do get a few odd looks when your using them to talk on a phone call... Nobody can see a cable or a mic, but you are just talking in front of you!

    Massive thumbs up and 5/5 from this audiophile!

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    Parrot ZiK headphones

    • Written by from Springfield Gardens

    Got the Black/Gold headphones V1.08.. I was very skeptical when I went ahead and got the pair because of many low reviews from around the internet. Just to make it clear I came from many headphones some of them are Beats Studio's and pro's, Bowers and Wilkins P5 and Bose QC15's and many many other headphones. I am using my Zik updated to V1.10 paired to my iPhone 5s. Updating the firmware was easy and on phone took less than 3 mins. Charged the device with my apple charger and micro usb cable provided, pairing was really easy and took less than a second. Tried all the modes even Lou Reed's setup but in the end I preferred my own Had Noise Canceling on and Concert hall on living room and speakers spread to 120 degrees. Tuned the equalizer. These headphones are spectacular thumping Bass and tight. Clear punchy Mids. Crisp highs Love these and Would definitely keep these for a long time. The battery lasted around 5-8 hours depending on the volume. Quite reasonable for all that technology. The touch controls are flawless and makes life easier. The app is minimalist looking but very effective. I would definitely buy an extra battery for travel use and keep it in charge just in case. And a hard case would come in handy for protection otherwise the best bluetooth headphones.

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    Bluetooth pairing nightmare

    • Written by from Palo alto

    These guys may have the design down, and great sound but that is about it.

    Pairing with iphone, macbook is impossible without playing musical chairs

    Headband is not comfortable and puts too much pressure on the skull. Looks nice but is not practical

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very, very, very cool!

    • Written by from Humble

    I've had every major brand of headphones made. Until today, the Bose QC 15 or my favorite. Today about the parrot, and I was absolutely amazed! The design is spectacular. Conform to the shape of my ears perfectly. Sound quality is excellent. And the tap control for volume and advancing songs is second to none! Very cool! They create quite a subway "envy" in Paris

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    Blue Tooth Pairing !

    • Written by from CRIEFF

    moving from one apple product to another is a pain. Paired to ipad air great, I want to take it out and about with my iPhone 5..... issue
    Powered down ipad, sill would not sync with phone!
    Make sure "Parrot Zik V1.09" is turned on and in range. if I have seen that message once ! getting fed up with these great sounding headphones. Buy the Headphones for the sound not the interchangeability between Bluetooth items.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome but.....

    • Written by from Long Island City

    All round awesome except if you wear them on a bicycle...or while flying a kite on a windy beach. The sound of the wind rushes in like you have no head phones on!!!! But guess I'm stuck with this problem as it requires a hardware upgrade which will not come.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery issues offset sound quality

    • Written by from Earlysville

    It's true that this is a GREAT sounding pair of phones. However, there are a few issues -- one overcome, another not -- that ultimately limit their value. I had a ton of issues with the auto-pause settings and for a long while was unable to modify them, meaning I'd move my head in certain ways that would cause them to pause the sound erratically. They have patched that problem, but the lasting issue is the batter life: they don't last long enough on a full charge even for a cross-country (5-6 hr) flight. That renders them of limited value to any serious traveller.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    After a couple of weeks

    • Written by from Bellevue

    These are incredible. Comfortable, outstanding audio quality, and watching the look on the faces of the poor saps with Beats when they see the touch controls is priceless. However, more than simply Bluetooth headphones, these really shine when you use the (included) cable. They are outstanding with Bluetooth (which is by its very nature imperfect), but the combination of processing and drivers really come to life with an actual wired connection. Bluetooth for convenience. Wired for jaw dropping sound. Coolness to satisfy the most discriminating of geeks. Criticisms? Once ina while the touch controls freeze, but removing the battery resets it (happened 2-3 times in hundreds of hours of listening). And, these *should* include a hard case at this price.

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    Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones are a Huge Disappointment

    • Written by from CHICAGO

    I received a pair of Zik Wireless Headphones as a gift on the 24th Dec., 2013.
    I downloaded the Parrot Audio Suite to my Bluetooth devices: 2-iPad mini's, 1-iPhone 5 & 1-MacBook Air. Once the suite had been downloaded to my devices I began pairing the Ziks to the first of two iPads.
    I first received a response to update the Zik Audio Suite to its current version - no problem. Successfully paired the first device. Attempted to pair the others and couldn't, response of "unable to pair device." I sent an email to Zik's Help Desk, and was given a message that they would not log any problems, that they were on holiday until 2 Jan, 2014. So I waited for two weeks and used the Ziks with cable. Finally, I did get a very brief response asking for an e-receipt and personal contact info.
    2 weeks went by without a reply back. Then finally Zik USA support sent me a frank reply stating that the Ziks can ONLY BE PAIRED TO ONE DEVICE AT A TIME. I was instructed to remove the battery, wait 5 minutes, replace it, then initiate the pairing process all over again on the next device. I work from all devices during the day - having to go thru removing/initiating pairing for wireless use per device isn't just time consuming it's hogwash. I have since sent a confirmation request to Zik and haven't received a response.
    My receipt from Apple states a return of 2weeks past purchase date. The delay in Zik's assistance has also made it impossible for a return or credit.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Miami

    Never maintain a connection and turn off for no reason and often impossible to turn back on for hours if not days.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Start of something big...

    • Written by from AURORA

    Boy, oh boy!

    You can never tell what is good sound and sot so good sound while in an Apple store. Always seems to be a jazzy atmosphere. Some items that are just ordinary seem all of a sudden to be special. So although the Parrot looked a little different, when I tried them on and listened to the sound I was not overly impressed.

    Later at a specialty gadget store –Brookstone—I tried on another pair. A bunch of Bluetooth headphones were on a display tree. I tried several models/makes. But only the Parrot caught my attention. My wife noticed the excitement in my eyes and POW! I got a pair for Christmas.

    Well let me tell you this: They are far better than I thought. Their sound is reminiscent of the days of lying on the living room floor until the wee hours of the morning.

    Back then the headphones were almost glued to my ears as the heat/sweat suctioned my face like a clamp. But it was ok, because I was enveloped in the sound. (Of course it’s all relative. The only other sound “systems” were the console and 8-track!)

    The Bluetooth Parrot Zik’s are great. I have listed to Internet streamed music, my own home music. I have enjoyed them on my iPhone, iPad, desktop, and laptop and also at the gym.

    A comfortable listening range of about 30-35ft.

    They are not inexpensive, but they are also not cheap. The ear cushions are well thought out. No sweating—comfortable even after a long session.

    The volume, on/off, previous/forward and ability to listen and talk on the phone~~~ Pure Genius!!

    In addition a VERY USEFUL and downloadable app that lets you really tailor the sound to YOUR taste. Serious.

    Very Cool,

    Thanks Sweetheart!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Turns Santa to Saint

    • Written by from Croydon

    I gave myself these for Christmas last year. They are the dogs. Bluetooth noise cancelling. They've got style, touch controls, but most of all a plethora of sounds. You will hear stuff you’ve never heard before and the app allows you to customise the sound to the nth degree right up to to concert level. Worth every penny. If your loved one loves music, you'll go down in history with a gift of these.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Nothing Special

    • Written by from Chapel Hill

    Sound is dead on the low end, or should I say "muted." Highs are screechy, especially for classical music. Not very comfortable...but hey, they're trendy...

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