• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Please note... not ideal for the iPad Air

    • Written by from SUBIACO

    Contrary to what some of these reviews say, and what Apple Store employees will tell you, this device is not ideal for the iPad Air. To the manufacturer's credit, they do not list it as being iPad Air compatible either. There are two main problems you should be aware of; both are caused by the smaller bezel size of the iPad Air relative to earlier iPad models.

    Firstly, if you view the iPad Air in the horizontal position you will often need to remove the iPad from the workstation to access the "swipe up" menu (airdrop, bluetooth, volume, brightness, etc). It is also often difficult to reach the icons at the bottom of the page. While horizontal, if you want to watch a video, you will have the keyboard protruding over the screen edge (removing the keyboard from the workstation still leaves the keyboard supports from the workstation covering part of your screen). Secondly, in the portrait position you cannot reach the home button without lifting the device.

    In other words, this is a great device available at a terrific price, but be prepared for an annoying time if you want to use this workstation with your iPad Air. We tried several "quick fixes" including additional padding under the iPad Air, none of which worked particularly well. For some people, the low price of this device makes all these inconveniences well worth the trouble but, for this consumer, the point of a workstation is that the iPad is stationary and doesn't need to be moved all the time. Caveat emptor.

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    Intelligent design-Poor Execution

    • Written by from Magill

    I really admire the design of this case and decided to purchase this with the Apple blue tooth keyboard.

    Unfortunately, The product malfunctioned and the velcro fell off the case with only two uses. I was shocked and disappointed by this. Furthermore, the design does not permit a good working angle for those who plan to type on the Ipad for an extended period of time. Consequently, I would not recommend this due to ergonomic issues and built.

    I suggest the manufacturer considers using clipping system as opposed to cheap velcro approach currently employed in this product.

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    Not recommended

    • Written by from Thruxton

    This is fine as a keyboard cover, but offers minimal protection when travelling and fails to prevent keystrokes and pressure being place on bottom row of keys. Sold to me in store as a keyboard protector. Very disappointed that it has not been better engineered. If you are looking to protect your keyboard when travelling I do not recommend this product.

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    Flawed design

    • Written by from Lutherville

    I bought this to transport my keyboard to/from work with my iPad. Tried it for 3 days, but then returned it. If your iPad is just going to sit on your desk, it serves the purpose, as long as you don't prefer portrait orientation with the charger plugged in (doesn't sit very well that way).

    BUT if you want to actually carry it around, you will find that the keys can get pressed and suddenly there is music coming from your iPad while you walk down the street. The design really needs to incorporate a way to keep the keys from being pressed while you carry it. Otherwise, there are better solutions if you just want to use an iPad at your desk.

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    Close tab came unglued after a handful of uses

    • Written by from Santa Clara

    I've only had the case for less than two months and used it a handful of times. But one of the velcro tabs to keep the case closed has already come unglued. It's frustrating to have to take the time to return something so soon.

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