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    How you know if it is supported w/o guessing.

    • Written by from Orlando

    The best solution, instead of trying to figure out the date your mac was born and the cut-off, etc... 1. Click on the Apple Icon in the top left corner of the screen. 2. Click "About this Mac." 3. Click "More Info." 4. Click on "Audio (Built In)." *** If you see "HDMI Output or HDMI/DisplayPort Output - Then you are GOLDEN!!!! If not, you are like me and extremely frustrated ;-).

    Reference: Mac Help: "Playing HD audio and video from a Mac on an HDTV."

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    MDP to HDMI with audio!!

    • Written by from orlando

    I'm using the Moshi adapter on my mid-2010 uni-body 13 inch MacBook Pro, and it carries full HD along with audio to my LCD TV. On one HDMI cable, I'm a happy customer.

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    My MBP on the Big Screen :)

    • Written by from Cupertino

    Ok. I've got this baby connected to my 17" MBP i7-620M GeForce GT 330M w/8 GB (Mid 2010), which is connected to my Denon AVR. I had to go to System Preferences >Audio>Output(tab)>and click on the the proper output. Works fine.

    .avi through quicktime... no problem.
    music file through iTunes...no problem.
    video on YouTube...no problem.

    The silver aluminum casing on the adapter also matches the MBP perfectly. Looks and feels of high quality. I definitely recommend this!

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    Quit working after light use...

    • Written by from Greenville

    I ordered this adapter with my MBAir along with VGA and ethernet adapters. All worked fine. This HDMI adapter was not used extensively up until a month ago when I bought a new monitor/TV. It did what it was supposed to do for about 50 or 60 hours of usage in total and quit working completely...

    Used it only at home without being subjected to any kind of abuse.

    Very disappointed... I have various adapters that are 15 years old and still work.

    For the purpose of credibility I am an EE Engineer.

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    Died after a couple of months

    • Written by from Palo Alto

    Have to agree with everyone else... it started cutting out and being finicky a few weeks ago and now it won't work at all. I know it's not my computer because I can still use other adapters, and it's not the screen because the screen recognizes that something is plugged in but says that the signal is bad. A poor quality device.

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    • Written by from MALDON

    Plugged into my 13" MBPro and Sony HD TV it worked first time, you just need to open audio devices to set the audio out to HDMI. 1080p + digital audio has never been so easy.

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    Do Not waste your money on this adapter

    • Written by from Bethlehem

    I bought this adapter from the apple store so i could watch movies from my MacBook on my flat screen TV. The adapter made by Moshi to connect the mini DP to HDMI worked fine for a few day's, then stopped working. The TV does not get a input signal any more from the computer. Tried searching for a different video driver, nothing.

    Hey APPLE how about getting with the program and putting a HDMI slot on your laptops?

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    it works really well with my HDTV

    • Written by from 香港

    This is my first time writing a review about a product. Being benefit from others reviews, I think I should contribute something so others can also enjoy.
    I just bought this adapter a few days ago (plus bought a HDMI cable seperately). I want to connect my MacBook Pro 13" to my Panasonic Viera 42"HDTV so I can watch youtube on bigger screen. As it stated on the product details, this adapter can also support audio output if the MacBook was bought in mid-2010 (I got my macbook in Aug 2010)
    Once I got the adapter and cable, I connected them with my TV and MacBook (with both TV and Macbook turned on). However, I only got blank screen. After trying for couple times, I turned to the internet and tried to find out solution. Believe it or not, there is no special skills you need to make it work. The only trick is do not turn on your TV and Mac before you connect the HDMI cable and adapter. Plug in your HDMI cable to any HDMI outlet on your TV and connect it to MacBook with the adapter. Then turn on your TV (turn to the HDMI channel) and MacBook, your MacBook should recognize the signal almost immediately (screen appear within a blink). For the sound, go to system preference and select "panasonic tv" it will take a minute to switch sound from macbook to TV
    Both sound and image are good with this adapter. It just need a little bit patience to get it work! highly recommend.

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    Video great, but no sound

    • Written by from Mountain View

    Just purchased this item this week and installed it yesterday.
    The video output works just as expected, but no audio (which was the main reason why I went for HDMI and not DVI).

    From the moshistore web-site:
    "Note: Audio output option through HDMI is not functioning properly with the Mac OSX 10.6.4 update. "

    It would have been nice if the Apple Store mentioned this little (but rather important) detail that audio in fact does not work BEFORE I ordered this item!

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    Horrible Product DO NOT BUY

    • Written by from Aiken

    I bought this with my Macbook Pro in August. I used it less than 20 times before it stopped working all together. Computer doesn't even register that it's plugged in even though I have taken great care of my computer and its accessories. This product is a complete waste, and Apple should not support a company that sells a product that is this horrible. I would like a refund for this product, but probably won't get one. Don't waste your money on an this over-priced adapter, you will be sadly disappointed.

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    Stopped Working after 2 months

    • Written by from Austin

    This product should come with a warning!! If you touch or move the cable, it will stop working - it is clearly manufactured to be installed and NEVER TOUCHED. It is definitely not worth the money... it was very frustrating to see a blue screen flash on the computer and then failure to detect the attached display. I bought it at the Apple store and was very disappointed that they would sell such a product - I was able to use it only 5 times before it failed. This product is a result of sloppy manufacturing and planned obsolescence. Very disappointed.

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    Great solution to small screen!

    • Written by

    I recently purchased the HDMI adapter so I could use my Mac with my TV, while the Mac screen is good its just not big enough to fill a room, so for watching catch up TV or DVD's on my Mac this is perfect.

    Very easy to install just connected the HDMI cable, plugged it in and the Mac did everything else and now can watch internet channels or DVD's on my TV!

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    • Written by from White Rock

    From the beginning the cable is very sensitive. If you barely brush it it causes the HDMI display to start flashing, and it often fails to sync after that. I've had it for only 2 months or so and it has now completely failed. I'd look elsewhere for an adapter...

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    43% failure rate according to the rest of these reviews...

    • Written by from Centerville

    I bought this and the first time I used it, I turned my MacBook Air upside down with the lid closed to keep the ventilation open on my couch and it cut out with the slightest touch, sometimes I did not even have to touch it. Once it got started it worked fine, but 67 out of 152 reviews say that it fails after time. It can work from 12 hours to 2.5 years. The Griffin seems most reliable according to reviews.
    At this time of writing, here are the failure rates for MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapters according to Apple reviews:

    Moshi -43% (67 out of 152 reviews)
    Belkin -31% (10 out of 32 reviews)
    Griffin -14% (2 out of 14 reviews)

    I hope this was helpful. I am going to exchange my Moshi adapter for a Griffin adapter.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not good Quality

    • Written by from Pakenham

    Mine worked fine too, then I had to put it in a certain position for it to work. Now doesn't work at all. Trying to get Moshi to replace it, but they keep putting me in circles trying to get it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lasts for 2 months

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    The adaptor works great when it is brand new, and had very high hopes for it.

    I bought my FIRST Moshi Mini DP to HDMI adaptor and it broke within the first month. The screen was no longer clear, but was highly pixelated and fuzzy. I returned it to the Apple store and received a new one, but this only lasted for 2 months with very careful handling. It now requires very specific positioning to get a picture like previous reviews have said; and it is so touchy now, that it seems if you even look at it funny you will lose your picture. The picture now is at best incredibly blurry, or at worst nonexistent.

    I am really disappointed with this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It Broke

    • Written by from Fort McMurray

    Mine broke within a couple of weeks, just from simple wear and tear. Be careful not to bend wire at all as it may kink and no longer work.

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    Worked for 4 months

    • Written by from Buffalo Grove

    DO NOT BUY, EXPENSIVE, WORKED FOR 4 MONTHS. I was very careful about not bending the cord, but the adapter still broke!

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    Moshi (t)

    • Written by from Fairbanks

    Zero stars. Do not buy this adapter.

    It has started to malfunction (flickering, cutting out) in under three months. This product has been treated very gently. It has not moved from my desk since it was first connected to the display and is connected/disconnected from the mini-DP/thunderbolt port ~5 times per week.
    I only wish it were made by Apple, at least then I could get decent support/service and get my money back...
    Oh, well.

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    Does not Work after 10.6.4

    • Written by from CHILLICOTHE

    Does not work after 10.6.4 patch... Apple please solver this problem

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