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    Does not Work after 10.6.4

    • Written by from CHILLICOTHE

    Does not work after 10.6.4 patch... Apple please solver this problem

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    Works very well but ensure you're using the right graphics mode!

    • Written by from Montreal

    Both video and sound work very well but check your graphics card status first!

    I have a mid-2010 15 inch MBP i7 with dual graphics: discrete graphics (NVIDIA Geoforce GT 330M) and the standard Integrated Intel graphics.
    I was on battery when I wanted to try out the Moshi with a brand new Apple HDMI cable. Plugged in to a LG TV but it didn't seem to work. Looked at hardware and display system settings on MacOS X - both the display or the sound output did not list the HDMI TV. The little leaflet that came with Moshi didn't say anything else. I tried plugging in and out a few times but the same result - nothing. Then I noticed that my energy saver setting on system settings had "Automatic graphics switching" off and the graphics card status was "integrated only".

    I switched it to the NVIDIA discrete card by plugging the laptop in and voila! it worked!
    Normally you won't know which card is being used when. unless you use a tool like gfxCardStatus, but this may explain why some folk didn't get it working the first time.

    The video and sound works great out of the box - and all you need to do is set the "sound" hardware options on system preferences: change "output" from "internal speakers" to whatever your TV / Monitor / HDMI device's name is. And that's all!

    Hope this helps folks who couldn't get it working the first time!

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    finally i have sound

    • Written by from Vancouver

    after trying all other modes to get sound I finally have it using this adapter. Just make sure you follow the directions moshi sends with the adapter. "after you attach the adapter to the hdmi cord go into system preferences choose sound from hardware. click on the output tab and change selection to built-in hdmi output."

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    Audio not working on SAMSUNG tv

    • Written by from CALGARY

    I hooked this up and the video works with no issues. I have the macbook pro that is supposed to be compatible. However, when I go into system pref and choose my SAMSUNG HD tv, it says "the selected device has no output controls". Sounds like the samsung tv's are not compatible as I checked all settings on my TV and it still doesn't work. I guess I'll go back to having 2 cables - one for audio and one for sound.

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    For sound support, read the notice!

    • Written by from Foster (Lac-Brome)

    Hi all

    I have purchased this cable for my little sister and like most of you, who are about to purchase this cable, I did not read the notice. Be aware that the Audio will not work if your computer is not one of the following: *Audio support is only available for MacBook Pro 13/15/17-in. mid-2010 release; iMac 21.5/27-in. early-2010 release.*

    So, no need to trash the product, just read the notice!!!

    Otherwise, it works perfectly on my computer (sorry sister).

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    Mini DisplayPort to HDMI audio Fix

    • Written by from Waterloo

    I purchased a 10 ft. Mini to HDMI cable awhile ago to watch movies and could not get sound on my Harmon/Kardon system but I did have video. I changed audio settings in the preferences and still no audio. After reading other peoples issues re: no audio, I purchased a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor then plugged in a HDMI to HDMI cable from the adaptor to my stereo and I now have audio through my stereo system.
    I have a MacBook Pro purchased late Oct. 2011

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    Works as expected

    • Written by from FREMONT

    No issue with this adapter. Displays video and audio from my MacBook Pro to my TV. I only wish it isn't so pricey.

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    Works as claimed, but not with World of Warcraft

    • Written by from BOSTON

    I purchased this product and a much cheaper product from another manufacturer that does the same thing. The other product could not support 1920x1200 resolution, but this Moshi product can. For that alone, I recommend it.

    There were glitches, however, but I blame Apple rather than Moshi:
    1) Audio works form my July 2010 MacBook, so only 1 cable is necessary (hooray), but every time I plug it in, I need to launch System Preferences and manually set the output sound device to HDMI.
    2) World of Warcraft (and I suspect any other 3D game) is unplayable because kernel_task starts consuming all the CPU. It works fine with VGA or DVI adapters, but not this HDMI adapter. I suspect this is a bug in the graphics driver.

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    Quality of Adapter = User Determined Too, Please Read

    • Written by from Sparks

    You are dealing with near-micro plug-ins. One unintended tear-out of cabling will destroy it. Learn from my mistake: Secure computer, spend time designing cable mgmt. system that doesn't jar, pull or bend. Then protect this work from kids, animals, earthquakes, etc. by hiding, taping, covering. Same applies to receiver/external/TV. Don't shrink away from hiring someone qualified. Watch your quality complaints all but disappear!

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    Nice little gadget to make a huge difference

    • Written by from GREENWOOD VILLAGE

    I picked up this little dongle yesterday.

    And it worked like a charm. I advise using the better hdmi cable to hook to your systems.
    At this time My MacBook Pro is hooked up via Moshi to my Sony Bravia 60 inch LED LCD TV. And the image is just awesome.

    Though as of this writing the audio support is not working but I trust the folks at Apple will put another fix into the laptops to re-enable this little option. Though I am looking forward to it since I am thinking about picking up a wireless mouse and keyboard and use my 60 inch as a working monitor for my laptop when I am at home.

    Enjoy all, This is pretty darn cool

    p.s. I will happily give this device 5 stars once the sound feature is repaired.

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    its Works

    • Written by from Issaquah

    Well i got this at the apple store today to work with my MBP 15" that was purchased last week and it works. I plugged it in then plugged in the HDMI cable that goes to my Vizio tv and it works on the first go. I tried watching a Hulu video full screen and it looked rather good on the TV. It did not look like HD TV but still very good and the sound also came out of the TV.

    My only complaint is both this devise and the mini dp to VGA adapters should have come with the laptop computers. Three years ago the MBPs all came with VGA adapters.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great For Video

    • Written by from Hermitage

    I use mosahi on my 13' macbook pro, the video works great. However I seem to have a problem with no audio. I would have gave it 5 stars, if the audio worked on my 2009 1080p samsung.

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    If your wondering if it works with your mac?

    • Written by from Springfield

    DisplayPort or Thunderbolt-based MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro to any HDMI display

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    13" Air DV port doesn't drive audio, but great picture.

    • Written by from Fairfax

    Great video, but the Macbook Air 13" MiniDV port doesn't drive audio. Not Moshi's fault, but be aware of the limitation when using the the Air.

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    Invalid Format fixed !!!!

    • Written by from pink lily

    For hours i had trouble getting this to work on Sony Bravia - it kept saying 'invalid format'. Eventually I worked it out after searching the web for answers but none found. First you need to know the resolution of your tv - just google it. Second try this - System preferences - Displays then select the 'Show Displays in Menu Bar''. now up in menu bar select the display picture(next to the wifi signal) there should be the resolution option for your tv - hopefully. works excellent now.

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    Good for video production reference

    • Written by from Kongens Lyngby

    Finally i got my fingers on this one,
    excellent stuff for someone like me.
    I can't really see what else to use it for,
    than as a video production reference monitor.
    Also, having an expensive television for this,
    is just weird in my mind. I have a 720p screen,
    and it is actually pretty sharp. I can see the idea in a 1080p screen,
    since it's the new standard, but again, it's just a reference:
    It's the colors and sharpness that are important to look for, in the video.
    Don't set any color profile, leave it at standard,
    mine is "HD 709-A", "srgb" is also fine, and have your tv balanced or as standard.

    Dislike: Overscan exceeds the borders of the monitor,
    (I am not sure if this is a problem with the adapter, or my monitor)
    this leaves me to use it with black borders around the frame.
    But, finally, I can do my video stuff a lot better!

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