which end of a mac book pro 15 inch faces down

When inserting my 15 inch mac pro into the arc, which end should be facing down.
Or does it make a difference.


  • Asked by Lloyd G from Vancouver
  • Aug 26, 2011
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2 Answers from the Community

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    It shows it with the Apple logo facing up, as you'd expect. However, the fans inside push air out the back, so if it's this way the hot air is being blown down, when it would prefer to be blown up. I sit mine in upside down if I'm doing intensive work, and it seems to make a difference. However, for generic use the MBP runs so cool anyway it makes no difference.

    • Answered by Andrew L
    • Mar 7, 2012
  • When looking at the picture the white lighing apple sits upright. Meaning the swivel end of the Macbook inserts into the stand.

    You can also tell by where the Magsafe, Thunderbolt and USB connections plugin.

    • Answered by Brian P from Calgary
    • Nov 27, 2011