Whats the better headphone or what are their diferences, b&w p5 or the momentum?  Thanks

Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear Headphones

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    Both headphones sound really great however the Momentums offer a slightly better soundstage due to being around the ear headphones instead of on the ear like the P5s. Personally I prefer the P5s as I find them more comfortable and I really like the design. The Momentums are comfortable too they just don't fit my head as nicely as the p5s. You really can't go wrong with either pair.

  • In my case, the B&W P5's did not sound as good as the Momentum's because the isolation was nowhere rear as effective and the sound detail wasn't as pronounced as I would've liked. In terms of build quality, thought the Momentums are a larger form factor (a drawback), they are far better built than the P5s. The frame (structurally) is far more optimised with its aluminium spring band, which can take a fair punishing and the leather padding offered a snugger fit, with a more polished finish.

  • Momentum by far. Go on the official Sennheiser site and check out their differences.