What are the benefits of having two thunberbolt ports? Do you connect the drive with two cables to get faster data transfer?

  • Asked by Andrew F from Canberra
  • Jun 10, 2012
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    No, the two ports are to daisy chain the device out of your laptop to the drive, then the drive to your thunderbolt display. The display has to be at the end of the chain per apples support site I believe.

    • Answered by Robert V from Stewartstown
    • Jun 13, 2012
  • The benefit of having two thunderbolt ports, is because Thunderbolt supports daisy chaining. You can connect up to six devices to each Thunderbolt port by daisy-chaining them—connecting the first to the Thunderbolt port, connecting the second to the first, and so on.

    You won't get a faster data transfer, Thunderbolt supports up to 10GB per second data transfer, which is faster than the HDD can write at.

    • Answered by Mark M from Wakefield
    • Jun 13, 2012
  • No, but you can connect one to a HD media display, and another to a drive.... You can even daisy chain multiple HDs and displays together (which you would need two ports for. You should never make multiple connections to an external HD unless specifically told to do so... If you have to ask if you should on your HD, the answer is no.

    • Answered by Alfred S from Roseville
    • Jun 12, 2012