What adapter do I use in cuba ?

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    Electricity in Cuba, the Cuban power outlets are suited for use with the US American flat pin type electrical plugs. In general the voltage in Havana is 110V AC 60Hz , but some newer hotels have 220 V AC 60 Hz too. Travellers from Europe need a plug adaptor to use their electrical equipment. It is recommended to use a surge protector for electronic apparatus, laptops, portable videoplayer etc. Cubans use surge protectors on every electrical equipment of value, TV set, video, fridge to protect them against the frequent electrical surges and spikes.

  • Which converter/adapter will I need in Cuba for my iPhone 4S?

  • In Cuba you might need to take a Dynamo with you as well, since electricity supply goes off once in a while...

  • I got along just fine with two adapters - one to take a standard three prong US grounded plug (if you take anything that has one) to a standard US two-prong, and a converter to take the standard US two-prong (flat) to a Caribbean (not European) round two-prong. You'll need a couple if you plan to charge more than one device at a time.

    Make sure whatever you take is good for 110-220 input - I blew out a 6-plug extension cord (and a circuit breaker) because it was rated only for 110.

    It was odd - a newly renovated 4-star hotel I stayed at in Havana had only the round two-plug Caribbean outlets. Some older hotels had outlets that I could use without converters.