is this cable compatible with iphone 4

I am getting the new iPhone 4 and wanted to know if this cable will fit the new iPhone as I have several of these around my home and one in my car already...thanks

  • Asked by Lisa D from Medford
  • Jun 13, 2010
Apple 30-pin to USB Cable

Apple 30-pin to USB Cable

Product No Longer Available

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    If you look under the "Overview" you will see an area that states "This accessory is compatible with the following:".
    Below there, you will see a very large matrix of supported devices. In there, you will also note that the iPhone 4 is listed.

    • Answered by Wulf K from Madison
    • Jun 22, 2010
  • my old genuine iPhone cable does NOT work with my new iPhone 4

    • Answered by Norman H from North Palm Beach
    • Jun 29, 2010
  • This answer needs to be qualified and/or verified.

    I have 4 different iphone 3g/3gs cables for work, home, with me, and far 3 of the 4 do NOT fit my Iphone 4, nor does my phone actually recognize that it has been plugged in and is attempting to charge/sync.

    The only one that works is the dock connector that came with my Iphone 4 this morning.

    • Answered by James T from Independence
    • Jun 25, 2010
  • Make sure it is for the Iphone 4 I had other cables plug and charge the new Iphone 4 except when you put on a new cover like the bumper cover. The original white charging cables have a larger end (where it plugs into phone) and that doesn't fit into area with new covers.
    I have to go out and buy new cable for car now and office. A real pain

    • Answered by Robert P from Farmington Hills
    • Jul 13, 2010
  • The white plastic portion of the plug on some of my older dock connectors is too wide to be used when the bumper is installed on my iPhone 4. The width of the plastic keeps the business end of the connector from penetrating deeply enough into the socket. Other than that minor annoyance all of my old dock connectors have worked with my iPhone 4.

    • Answered by Edward S from Bellevue
    • Aug 4, 2010