Does the BookBook Case make it difficult to make phone calls?

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4S

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    Absolutely not. You simply fold the wallet section back and make a call as usual, it even provides a thicker, non slip grip. There has been some comments on the proximity sensor being obscured, this is usually on new cases before the leather has been exercised a little and will go in a few days. If it doesn't or it is down to mispositioned stitching then Twelve South advised me they would replace under their two year warranty. Other comments related to purple being able to see your personal details like cards and ID when you are holding the phone during a call. Your hand practical covers all the wallet section when gripped doing a call and credit cards are hidden meaning the only info on show is a partial ID - not really a problem!! I have owned mine for about two months and I love it - its actually looks even more authentic as it gets older. It is very well made with premium leather, hand stitched and the leather is distressed meaning that yours will be unique - highly recommended!!!

  • Not at all. You can make calls with the book open or just fold the flap over to the backside of the case if you'd prefer this.
    The whole space of the touch screen is fully available to easily get to your contacts or slide to pick up. Also all buttons are accessible so if you quickly want to mute the sound of your ringtone while you receive a call, a tap on the lock button will do the trick without even opening the case.