Can this support the weight of a 2012 mac mini?

I would love to get my new mac mini off the desktop and tuck it up under the display. I didn't see any examples of that in the photos. Is the mini too heavy? or will it work okay?

Twelve South BackPack V2 Adjustable Shelf

Twelve South BackPack V2 Adjustable Shelf

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    The shelf supports any weight up to 3.5 pounds, the 2012 mac mini comes in at just 2.7 pounds. The back pack also comes with vertical support pegs to allow you to use it with larger items such as a mac mini, airport extreme or even a macbook air.

  • Specs on manufacturers own page (can't provide link here, but is easy to find on Google) state there is a weight limit of 3.5 pounds, and one usage example they give is to hold a Mac mini. So in theory should be okay, but I can't speak from experience.