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    Its a Nightmare Installing, but a Dream Using.

    • Written by from Washington

    After reading all of the reviews regarding the bolt issue, i still went ahead and ordered. We have access to a workshop after all.
    Sure enough our desk was too thick and the bolts weren't long enough. A good look around the workshop and no luck finding replacement bolts, so a trip to the local Fixing Specialist. An hour later an £10 lighter we had the correct length bolts and all was well.
    The thread size is 5/8 UNC for the big bolt and 1/4 UNC for the 4 thinner bolts for your info.
    Brentford need to do 5 things.
    1, Supply a few different lengths of bolts.
    2, Include the correct size allen key (mine had no key for the 1/4 UNC Bolts).
    3, Move over to the Metric system (nightmare finding Imperial Allen Keys).
    4, Clean the bolts, that nice main support column ended up being covered in black fingerprints.
    5, Tap the holes deeper (our longer bolts just started bottoming out)
    Apple need to make sure that the 3rd party items they sell are the 'complete package'. We all buy from Apple because of the quality and for the main part its there, its solid and well engineered. But the Fixings let it down, and Bretford know it.

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