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    Not sure what everyone is on about

    • Written by from LONDON

    I was considering a Smart Cover since getting an iPad Air for Christmas. After having read the reviews on here, I wasn't so sure, but once I had watched some video reviews from YouTube I was convinced it was the way to go.

    The magnet attaching to the iPad is very strong, and the three sided triangle formed when flipped over is pretty stable, I've only had it collapse on me once, but other times I've been able to jab the iPad pretty hard without it doing so.

    The polyurethane cover feels quite nice - better quality than some reviews here will have you believe - and the micropore inside keeps your iPad looking shiny and clean.

    I was initially going to go for the red cover, but it seemed a little too bright in person, if it had been the same as the leather that would have been my choice, but the blue is a nice subtle shade that is pleasing to the eye!

    Overall, if you're in doubt I would go for it. It is maybe in the pricey side at £35, but it feels well engineered (as expected from Apple) and that it will last a decent amount of time.

    Overall, don't believe all the negative reviews you read, those that are unhappy will generally be the first to shout about it! Hope this helps to bring some balance, and help your decision in making a purchase!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    blue iPad air smart cover

    • Written by from WAKEFIELD

    just as good as iPad 2 one nicer brighter colour works well and love that the metal hinge has gone since it sratched up my iPad 2. reason for not 5 star is the price £35 would be happier at £25 thats what its worth but should still purchase.

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