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    Love it but so not what I thought from an apple product!!

    • Written by from London

    I recently purchased the apple leather beige IPad air case. In the first week I noticed there were magnets showing through on both the inside of the suade and the other part of the case on the front of the leather. I could only describe this as the magnets actually were showing through like dirt marks. On the bind of the case there are small rectangle repetion marks. I was so disappointed that I had spent £65 on a case that now looks around 4 years old.I went back into the apple store and they were surprised and claimed they had never seen this happen before and assured me this was not a fault with the product it self and advised me to get another beige one. I was happy with this outcome however I have now used it for a week and the same issue has reoccurred.

    I love this case and I don't want to go back in and have a refund!!

    Apple please help!! When will you realise a new design and recall this product ones as there is clearly a quality issue.

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