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    Hefty Price for such a case

    • Written by from Manchester

    Personally I don’t particularly think the iPhone 5C requires a cover at all, it’s a fairly robust little phone, however a biking accident left me with a nasty scar on the back of mine so I bought this cover to hide it (luckily it was at the top).
    So, on a positive note are the nice vibrant colours, easy to fit and remove, the access holes and button covers are spot on and probably the main advantage having a slight lip on the edge which protects the screen from touching a surface left face down.
    On the negative side however I’ve spent countless times removing the case to clear the dust which collects in the holes on the back, pretty annoying. I also find it strange that a brand like Apple with such an attention to detail would make a case with holes that show through half of the information on the phone itself. Though the silicone is great to the touch and helpful in the way that it doesn’t slip on shiny surfaces it is aggravating to put in and out of your pocket, I find myself trying to stuff it and turning pockets inside out with every call. The price point is a bit hefty too for such a basic cover.
    It does the job but personally I’d look elsewhere.

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