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    • Written by from London

    The dock is built in much the same way as the old iPhone 4/4s dock. It's compact, functional and looks very nice on the table.

    However, I find it very strange and disappointing that it does not fit a 5s with the official apple case. I suppose I can appreciate the reason for this, as the iphone in its case may inhibit the clarity of the 'audio porting' feature of the dock.

    Since the audio porting feature is useless to me (I use the line out) and I am not prepared to spend time removing and replacing the case (it's quite difficult to remove), I have returned this item and am in the market for a 3rd party solution that works for me.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    It looks nice, but flawed in use and overpriced.

    • Written by from Rotherham

    I bought an iPhone 5s when they first came and bought one of these for it the week after. Very very happy with the 5s, and I bought the dock so I could keep it in my bedroom on my cabinet as a kind of default resting position for it to be, to charge, good position as an alarm etc.

    First things first; it works, as it should. It looks nice too, very clean and simple white design.

    That's probably as good as it gets. This thing is very overly priced. It is extremely tiny. The box is about 2x2 inches, a cm or two thick. £25. Despite Apple's ridiculous profits they aren't getting kinder, and it costs them some goodwill. I found out after it doesn't come with even a short lightning cable either.

    My biggest pet peeve is its functionality though. Whenever you lift it off the dock, you have to hold down the dock with your other hand. As it fits so tight on the connector, it lifts the dock up with it. You essentially have to pull them apart every time. My Mum has tried lifting it off the dock multiple times but if I ever ask her to pass me my phone, she doesn't anymore as she’s scared she'll break it. Over time I've got better at perfecting the art of removing it from the dock, but it's clunky, and it's not well designed or thought through like every last detail of the iPhone has been.

    Clumsy and overpriced are the two words that describe it best. It does its job and it looks nice with the iPhone, and I prefer a dock to not having a dock. It just could do with a lot more of the Apple touch and thoughtfulness on its efficacy.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't Work with APPLE Cases

    • Written by from Wadhurst

    Sorry APPLE but have already got tired of removing my APPLE case to use this docking station. Poor design in that respect. Have reverted to using plain cable instead.

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