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    Poor Usage

    • Written by from rochester

    I've been in the trade for more years than Apple, and to be fair to them, these cables are consumable items. The reason they fail is due to everyday usage, where they are being stretched, bent near the ends, and otherwise "abused". I would rather the cables fail than the sockets, which would cost you much more to have replaced, and that wouldn't be a warranty issue. We get the same problem with Laptop power supplies.

    There is no easy answer, but don't beat up Apple for producing a good low cost product for once, which if you look after will last a long time. My IPAD1 power supply lead is still going 4 years later after heavy usage. I just take more care of it....

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Low quality

    • Written by from Luton

    Apple always make the best premium products. But unfortunately these cables breaks easily after few months of use. They have to do something about it. It's like the 3rd cable I'm buying in 9 months.

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