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    • Written by from Thundersley

    This case is okay but i thought it was going to have a back, i thought it had a plastic back. I took this case off after being on for only 2 weeks and it had left marks all over the aluminium and indentations, will be buying a different case, apart from that it gives you really good grip and it looks nice.

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    Don't last long!

    • Written by from Chippenham

    I got this case free along with thousands of others when the free case program was still live. After around two months I have noticed that the two materials (Plastic and a rubbery thing) have started to fall apart. This could be down to me taking the case off once or twice every day to dock the iPhone. I will however be getting a new bumper (This time a white one) when my black bumper finally falls apart. The build quality may be better on the coloured bumper cases as they would not have rushed as much as the free black ones (I hope)

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    Good, While it Lasts

    • Written by from Whitchurch

    Like many others, I got my bumper free when Apple were giving them away to rectify the reception problems some people were having. Although I prefer the 'naked' look of the iPhone 4, I do still very much like the bumper. It is a much better quality product that the much cheaper bumpers you see - this is a combination of soft, rubber like compound that grips the edges and a more solid plastic band around the edge of the phone with metal power and volume buttons included.

    That's the good side, the downside is that after about 6 months of usage the rubbery part of the case at the bottom in front of the opening for the dock connector is splitting at either end and I think will have come apart within the next few days. This is not as a result of any mishandling, this is just after a few months of careful day-to-day handling. Apple have already stated that the bumpers provided free of charge are not covered by any sort of warranty, so my only choice will be to buy a new one. And that brings me to the second negative of this review; the price. At £26 this is simply far, far too expensive, nice product as it may be.

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    Should be cheaper.

    • Written by from Birmingham

    I've had this bumper case for about year and it's life span is running short.

    In my opinion far to expensive my friend found a better Bumper Case for a £1 and fits a lot better and is more durable.

    My one has now broke and is hold together by a bit of rubber.

    I chose this product since it didn't spoil the iPhone's elegant look.

    But I will be going else where for my next case.

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    More aesthetic than protection

    • Written by from Rowland's Castle

    I got my Bumper with the Apple Case Programme. If you're one to use third-party equipment or the iPhone 4 Dock then don't bother with this. The case will begin to wear and split as you keep removing it. If you're happy using the standard earphones and a dock cable then the Bumper should be fine. As for protection I've never dropped my iPhone so couldn't comment on how much protection the Bumper provides you.

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    Not good for most 3rd party headphones

    • Written by from LONDON

    Although the issue of scratching & loosness is a concern, the case does do it's job in acting like a 'bumper' - just as it's name suggests, it is not a case that has a front & back, it surrounds the rim of the device just like a bummer acts as a ring around a bumper car at the fairground.

    I would combine this with a sock to act as a 'case', but I'll most likely need to look for a new solution as the case hampers one of my major uses...

    ...Not only is this device going to be my new phone, but it is also replacing an old iPod. I like to use 3rd party headphones with my iPods, but alas the hole in the bumper does not allows for slightly fatter headphone jacks. It looks like the bumper was designed with only Apple's white headphones in mind.

    As I do not wish to advertise to the world (and the thugs that populate it) that I am walking around with a brand new shinny iPhone in my pocket, I would like to use black headphones with it (also, who on Earth wants to use white headphones with a black iPod/iPhone?!). My Sennheiser headphones don't make the connection because the rubber casing around the jack is too big for the hole in the bumper. Judging by the images of many headphones from Sennheiser, Sony, et all, it looks like most will fail to fit the hole. This is a major downer for me.

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    • Written by from Bridge of Don

    This product is OK and when i say ok, i mean just OK. I have had it for 6 months, And today a part of it tore. I then proceeded to remove the bumper to find extensive scratching of the aluminum band. I will be returning to the apple store, to purchase another case, and i now have to find another case that i like and that will hide the scratches.
    Thanks a Bunch Apple.
    (Moral of the story?, Buy a different case even if u prefer the bumper slightly better. Its just not worth wasting the money.)

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    Bashed !!

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    I got one of these bumpers as part of the free bumper app in July, I dropped my phone on the street 3 months later and the bumper was dented and scratched so much so I don't use it now as it looks terrible. Although my phione was not damaged not even a scratch. It obviously protects the phone but the bumper will easily get sratched if dropped.

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    Larger jacks doesn't fit

    • Written by from København N

    It does what it is supposed to do - protects the iPhone - but it only fits with small headphone jacks. You have to slip the case on and off, when using larger headphone og speaker jacks. Because of this, I am replacing it with a new case.

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    Not bad.

    • Written by from Lowestoft

    Was very pleased when I received this for nothing as part of the free case program. But as the months have passed the rubber from the bottom has come apart on both sides as a result of taking the case off and putting it back on. I've also had to carve out a larger hole around the headphone socket as some jacks cannot fit into it properly. The plastic has also become scratched, but this is to be expected.
    Aside from this it has done a great job in protecting my phone.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Bumper - Black loose change

    • Written by from Stornoway

    I've had mine for about a year and the rubber is now beginning to tear and get loose around parts of the frame. The sort of typical frequent use I put it through included slipping it in and out of my trouser pocket. It has saved my phone from damage after a few accidental drops, but one thing to be aware of is that it can pull out your money notes, coins or bank cards from your pocket at the same time without you noticing this. I've lost a few quid over the year I reckon!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from sheffield

    I think this case is okay the fitting is a bit loose but the case solves the problem I would have liked to get the case for free but the program is not running any more so i had to purchace the case. If the case were a little cheaper then I would have gave it 5stars.

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