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    Battery dead after 3 years

    • Written by from Luton

    My battery just died after 3 years and now it says: Service Battery. Went to the Apple store to ask some questions and the Genius said that it is best to have your battery run to 0 from time to time. Do not leave it plugged in when you are not using your MacBook, unplug it from the power adapter. This way your battery will be doing its job of getting depleted and recharged, and with this it will serve even longer.
    I am a bit disappointed by the £99 price for a battery but will need to replace it when I have a moment.

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    • Written by from NEWBURY

    Like other reviewers on this, i am completely unhappy with having to buy a new battery so soon into owning my first Macbook. Whilst i love the products i think Apple's general attitude towards aftercare is awful. We pay an absolute premium to be part of the Apple Club and i'm starting to question if their products are worth the hassle i've had so far since changing over.

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    second battery in 3 yrs

    • Written by from Folkestone

    Had my 13" MacBook for 3 years, and this is my second battery to dry up. This seems pretty poor in comparison to other makes of laptop I've owned. I can only assume these batteries have an issue.
    £97 does seem pretty steep for a battery. The only thing in Apple's favour is that when I took the first dud battery in to my local Apple Store the assistant was very helpful, and gave me a new battery for free. Fingers crossed this time...

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    Far too expensive

    • Written by from Musselburgh

    When you have invested in an apple product and it lacks battery longevity it seems like adding insult to injury to charge almost £100 for a replacement. £50 would be a more reasonable price.

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    Not Bad At All

    • Written by from Dumfries

    Ive had my Macbook for nearly 3 years and after about 440 cycles it is down to 26% and the battery lasts 40 minutes if I'm lucky.

    I had never noticed any problems until very recently. It has only given up in the last few months so I can't really complain.

    I cant think of a day that it wasn't used, so this really isn't a bad time at all for it to last.

    Sometimes I would accidentally leave it in the car in cold conditions etc. and I have never really had any problems with it running.

    I'm not extremely happy paying nearly £100 to replace it, but i know it will be worth it knowing I wont have to plug in to charge after 20 minutes.

    I just hope my new one will last me as long :)

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    To expensive to replace something I did not break!

    • Written by from Ballyshannon

    I had my Mac for under 1 year ( 10 months ) when it broke.
    It has decided to read that it has not got any battery and it is not going to charge.
    I am not happy about having to pay €139.99 for it! - Its ridicules!

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    Really Good

    • Written by from bristol

    My battery just died :-(

    But it's 3+ years old and had 892 cycles on it. I used it 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over 3 years and it died with a 77% life.

    Battery are random, some are good, some are bad. But the one I'm replacing was a good one. Hopefully the new one will be just as good.

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    Not up to standard

    • Written by from Farnham

    My original battery died after 156 cycles and only 16 months old. I always fully discharged it before recharging and expected it to last much longer. It just stopped working one day - saying "Not Charging" in the menu bar - which is a failure and not a worn out battery. Having been advised that batteries were consumable and that it was out of warranty I was advised to buy a new one. For £97 I expect much more from this product. The replacement didn't even fit as well as the original.

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    Battery dyed after 16 months

    • Written by from LAHTI

    Very disapointed to quality. Especially compared to high price!

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    Replacement Battery...... again!

    • Written by from EDINBURGH

    This will be my 3rd battery within 18 months? Not happy at £97 replacement. The current battery has only been charged 97 so well within the useage. If my Mac is left for more than a few days (ie a holiday) without being used. The battery just drains and the little x appears?

    Diappointed to say the least!

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    A good battery

    • Written by from Weston-Super-Mare

    My battery has lasted me very well, after 614 cycles it's still at ~70% health, I'm sure if I get into calibrating more this can stabalise too. The button to check charge is a very neat function, one of those 'Apple touches'. Although mine may be over the hill in terms of its life it's still very good compared to many of the alternatives out there.

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    Apple need to sort this problem!

    • Written by from York

    My battery has just died after 18 months use and 139 cycles (instead of the expected 300). Not impressed at all, especially seeing as my MacBook is now out of warranty. Even less impressed that it's £97 to replace such a poor piece of kit! What makes it worse is that my old Sony Vaio battery is still going after 5 years, so makes this situation even more hard to accept!

    Sort this out Apple - listen to your customers!

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    The MacBook is a grate product, the battery is not

    • Written by from FRODSHAM

    In 18 months 2 MacBook batteries have stopped working, they went from working fine to the Mac not recognising. As this had not failed due to normal use and was the second time you would think Apple would replace it. However, they would not, so after having no battery for nearly a year I am about to buy a 3rd party one for £30 instead of the near £100 Apple want. I am also willing to bet it will last just as long if not longer.

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    Luck of the draw

    • Written by from Shipley

    To all those happily saying "well MINE hasn't broken" - that's brilliant for you, but don't assume that everyone having trouble with their battery hasn't looked after it properly. I am in the habit of charging and discharging it regularly, not leaving it uncharged sitting it it's bag and not leaving the laptop to get hot by having it on a soft surface yet I will be on my third when this one is replaced.

    Apple are aware that there is a problem, even if you are not. They were very nice the first time this happened, which I hope will be the case again.

    I think it's all in the luck of the draw, some people are luckier than others. I've been unfortunate enough to have 4! dodgy casings on my white macbook even though i'm always very careful with it. Each time Apple have been lovely and understood that even in the best of products, some flaws will still slip through.

    Overall the product does a great job, has a longer battery life than almost all others on the market and is mostly reliable. There are some issues which seem to be consistent but with each new release the problems are addressed.

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    Absolutely appalling.

    • Written by from Nottingham

    I do NOT expect to pay over £1000 for a MacBook whose battery and fan dies less than 18 months after purchase.

    Now I have a MacBook which turns itself off after overheating, which is approximately TWENTY MINUTES after turning it on, plugged in. That's if it is allowed to cool, otherwise it will switch off in under three minutes.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Woefully unsatisfactory

    • Written by from london

    Mine started not charging after about only 12 months, nowadays I have to have it plugged in all the time. Someone said it's not up to Apple standards, but in my opinion the only thing that has ever been up to Apple standards is the OS, this is nothing more than I would expect from Apple hardware. Now it looks like it's going to cost me £100 for a new battery every 12 months.

    Exceedingly disappointed.

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    Very Poor

    • Written by from London

    Have had my laptop about 18 months now and gradually it started not charging randomly, then sometimes I'd had to have it plugged in to use, then sometimes I'd fully charge it and it would die as soon as I unplugged it, then it just stopped charging. £97!? If you are forced to buy this item, do so elsewhere.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not bad.

    • Written by from Harrow

    I've had my macbook (CoreDuo) for about...2 years and a half. Battery is still alive and kicking, sure it doesn't exactly have a great capacity since it does tend to only give me about 2-3 hours of power.. (low cpu usage).

    Can't remember the last time i calibrated it...but apart from that it works fine!

    None of this battery not recognized business.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    macbook battery, great!

    • Written by from DUNFERMLINE

    ive had my macbook for 2 years now and not had even one tiny problem with my battery, IT LASTS AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havent a clue how everyone is destroying their batteries.... stop spilling your coffee on your battery!!

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    Not Happy

    • Written by from Bideford

    Using my laptop on the sofa as usual and suddenly it switches off! Now i can only use the laptop with the power-cord. If i wanted a freaking desktop i would have got one!!! I did my research on the web and found that this problem is very common in macbooks. The battery is fully charged yet the macbook doesn't seem to think so and i've only had the mac for 20 months - no problems with the battery until yesterday. Now i got to fork out £100 for a new one.

    Sort it out apple! Or maybe put this major flaw in one of your sparkly adverts next time!

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