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    Battery is rubbish

    • Written by from Surbiton

    I love my MacBook, but the battery is shockingly bad and expensive.

    I've looked after my MacBook, and done what I can to preserve the battery, so was disappointed when it stopped working.

    My battery suddenly died on me and stopped charging, so I'm now having to painfully shell out and get a new one.

    I was told by mac care that the battery for the old 13 inch MacBook (in which they enjoyed telling me was out of warranty) is only meant to last 300 charge cycles which is nothing and that because technology has moved on and that new devices can expect longer. If technology has moved on, the surely Apple can improve the life cycle of batteries for older devices.

    My boyfriend had an a G4 book and the battery on that lasted much much longer and many many years than this battery. When it came to replacing it, his reason was not because the battery had died.

    Please Apple sort this out otherwise a lot of loyal customers are going to look for cheaper options when it comes to consumables.

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    Battery replaced

    • Written by from Thatcham

    I can't really complain about how long the original battery lasted, my mac has been going strong for about 6 years and I regularly drain and recharge the battery. However, £100 quid for a new one!! I don't think so, I have gone for a 3rd party offering at £37... if it performs as well as the Apple original, I will have to wait and see...

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    Poor battery life

    • Written by from TILBURY

    I have a 17" PowerBook G4 I bought when first issued (~2003) & the battery will still do 3hrs. My MacBook on the other hand which was bought Feb 2007 has said 'no battery available' since last spring.
    This hasn't bothered me too much, I'm quite happy to have it plugged in continuously, as I have been waiting patiently for Apple to provide a version of the current 'longer lasting battery' for my MacBook - but I'm still waiting.
    I don't mind buying a new battery as this is cost effective against buying a new laptop but I object to buying the same battery that on further investigation showed I only got 33 cycles out of!

    And yet the PowerBook still lives on!

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    disappointed in sudden battery death!

    • Written by from London

    i seem to be one of many people who went on holiday, without my mac for a change, to come back to a dead laptop!!
    to say I am highly unamused is a huge understatement!
    Worse still i have to spend so much money to replace it!
    Surely apple could do something about this, at the very least some advice!

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    Not too Happy

    • Written by from Tamworth

    Bought it Just after christmas, I've only done 88 cycles on it and its already only lasting about 2 hours. I calibrate it every 2 weeks and still nothing. Apple this is an issue.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very poor life

    • Written by from York

    After one year, battery life on full charge is around 45 minutes. Properly calibrated, moderate use. System profiler lies to me... Very poor battery. Surprised it's as expensive as it is.

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    Battery died after just under 12 months!

    • Written by from Aberystwyth

    What more can I say. I treat my laptop very well and now it;s completely dead. One day working fine, then next day.. dead. There is clearly something wrong with it. So, now getting it replaced.

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    Battery Failure after 18 months on 3 Macbooks!

    • Written by from Stretford

    18 month old and the battery has failed!!!! 3 of our macbooks here in the office purchased at the same time, all no longer charge and failed roughly the same time. Are they given a shelf life when manufactured??????????

    Not too happy!

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    11 month old 13" Macbook Battery

    • Written by from PITLOCHRY

    The battery life of my machine is about half of it original capacity. I notified the supplier, Scotsys, of this by telephone and asked if this was normal.
    They told me that it was out of warranty. I should take it to their store (Edinburgh is 70 miles away) and leave it with them for testing and that the machine will work without the battery.
    I use the machine with the battery nearly all the time (whilst travelling) except when charging it. I bought it because it was portable.
    The machine has been repaired twice under warranty for different things and been away for a total of 4 weeks already. My old computer packed up now so I have no spare.
    As i cannot easily be without it the implication is that I buy a new battery.
    Not very satisfied.

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