• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very poor

    • Written by from Horsham

    Our Macbook was bought to replave an old G4 which had lasted 8 years.

    Battery failed in less than a year initially intermittently so we took it in to Apple and they failed to find any problem. When it went totally it was past the 1 year guarantee so we are faced with a £100 bill for replacement - oh plus another £40 for travel to and parking in Brighton....

    In the meantime we are left with a laptop which is no better than a desktop and which has to remain plugged in and powered up all the time otherwise we loose all data - i.e. it forgets the wireless link and passwords.

    I have been an Apple fan since the old Apple Macintosh 2 in the mid 80's. however this last offering has left a very bad taste. Their products used to come with everything you needed and lasted for years. Now they are cutting functionality (no word processing, spreadsheets or drawing as standard, now no CD/DVD drive) and on this experience poor reliability. Now I'm not sure if I'll be going for another Mac after this one...

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    Why bother saying 1000 cycle count?!

    • Written by from Aylesbury

    Adding the cost of this battery to the initial cost of the laptop and then looking at how long i have had the laptop for I could have bought a new "cheapish" non-apple laptop every year for the same cost! Apple has been a huge disappointment to me. I will continue with this laptop attached to the plug (as now it wont even turn on unless it's plugged in) and put the £101 towards a new laptop, which will definitely not be an Apple product.

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    Replacement battery is awful compared to original

    • Written by from King's Lynn

    Having seen a number of poor reviews about this battery, I thought people had been unlucky and we are all more prone to complain rather than praise.

    The original battery in my MacBook was excellent - it lasted way above the cycle count expected, it held its charge well, and if it said 4 hours you could expect 4 hours there or there about.

    The replacement I purchased in September 2011 is completely different - when it says 4 hours it means an hour if you are lucky, when I open the MacBook it is invariably on red irrespective of the charging state when left.

    It's got to the point where I only use my MacBook under duress (e.g. on a site that uses Flash) and plugged in - which is a shame as up to replacing the battery it was my go to device.

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    Terrible Terrible Terrible - AVOID THIS IF YOU CAN

    • Written by from Cheltenham

    New Battery broke after about 3 1/2 months. £80 and it breaks after 3 1/2 months, obviously this is ok for Apple because they think after 90 days it's not their problem.

    I can not believe how arrogant they are. I have pushing £2000 worth of Apple products at home and I feel stupid for it now over an £80 battery.

    Looks like I'm not alone with this problem, Never Never Never buying with Apple again.


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    Battery Swollen after 18 months

    • Written by from cardiff

    Very disappointed in Apple standards.
    I though i was the only one with a swollen battery that does not fit properly, damages the outer casing and also makes the trackpad unresponsive but a quick search online showed that this is a common problem.
    As a student buying an expensive laptop to only cough up more than £100 for a new battery for no fault of mine is just ridiculous.
    I have taken very good care of the battery always calibrating regularly.
    The battery still holds a charge of about 4.5 hours with a cycle count of 117.

    Apple disappointed me...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality Battery

    • Written by from DEVIZES

    I love my macbook, it has lasted over 4 years and is still running well BUT in that time I have been through FOUR batteries...and despite having three years worth of apple care protection not once did they supply me with a new battery free of charge. Each time it had conveniently just passed a certain number of cycles meaning that it was no longer covered. Having now replaced 4 batteries at 100 pounds each I am left feeling thoroughly ripped off.

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    Macbook Battery dead after just 165 cycles

    • Written by from Walsall

    My Powerbook battery is on its 570th cycle without problems but my wife's macbook battery is dead after just 165. Out of warranty perhaps - but still a poor performance.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed with swollen battery!

    • Written by from Bickerstaffe

    I have had my macbook for just over 2 years and the battery still holds charge well. However, the battery is now so swollen and warped that it impinges on the trackpad above and no longer fits in the casing. I understand that batteries become less efficient with age but a deformed battery is surely a fault with the Apple's design!

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    • Written by from Barton-le-clay

    as others have said, i've had my macbook for a year and a half and the battery has died. Very disappointed as would expect more from an apple product. Took it into shop and when they told me price of a new one i laughed cos i thought they were joking! I asked why so expensive and was told its because they're so good. well, doesn't seem so!

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    Great performance, high cost to replace

    • Written by from Great Missenden

    My MacBook is one of the first white Intel ones. The battery that came with it, like many, used to last 3-4 hours, and after 3 years it barely used to last 50mins.

    After replacing with a third party battery, up time wasn't anywhere as near as original equipment but 3 years on it still holds between 80-90% of the original charge and was about 66% of the cost.

    Like many of Apple's products the quality is good, but not at a price thats twice that of a manufacturers unbranded equivalent!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Valby

    My Macbook is 1,5 years old. The battery did not die yesterday, but the mac just blacked out, and the service message on my mac was: "Battery needs service"
    Then I just thought that I could show up in a apple store and they would send it in to be fixed, or give me a new, or give me discount on a new battery, but no. Their comment was that it is old, and their batteries only last for 1-2 years.

    That is unacceptable. And worse is that I now have to pay full price for a new one.

    I love my macbook. But this I have trouble accepting.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery Death

    • Written by from Paisley

    I am very annoyed and dissapointed that after another 12 moths my second battery has died on my macbook. I think this is totaly unacceptable from a company of Apples standing and has severley affected my opinions of the product.
    I dont think this deserved even 1 star but as none is not an option this is what i award.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Extremely unhappy..not even worth 1 star

    • Written by from Liphook

    I have had my MacBook for about 18 months and the battery has completely died.. I habe have a Dell PC for 3 years and have had no problem with battery life.

    This is not good enough Apple, especially when you are asking an extortionate amount of money..

    A very unhappy Apple user..

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    Battery rip off

    • Written by from Peel

    Had MacBook Pro for 13 months. What a surprise, the battery failed one month after the warranty expired. Apple wants me to pay £100 for a battery a year after I forked out a grand for a MacBook. Disgraceful.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    too expensive.

    • Written by from brighton

    my battery lasted well before it died which was brilliant.
    but i expected that i believe for the price i paid i should expect no less.

    but now having to spend another 100 pounds to replace it is is too much, most of us only earn 6 pounds an hour!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Poor Performance

    • Written by from Bromley

    I must admit that I am extremely disappointed with the battery life of this MacBook
    I have been using My MacBook with extra care to the nearest wall plug otherwise risk disconnection and losing my work on the computer
    Obviously Apple (as always) want to fork the maximum amount of money out of our pockets
    To penalize us Apple fans who worked hard for our money and force us to pay more than a hundred pounds to replace the battery is unfair and unjustified

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Virginia

    Only had my macbook a year and a half and the power doesn't last longer than five minutes without being plugged in anymore. I am extremely disappointed, especially as I have been careful not to leave it in overnight, run the battery down etc. I'm a student so I can't afford a new battery as they are so expensive, it's a shame and it would make me think twice about purchasing a macbook again.
    The worst part is that after forking over extra money for the Apple Care I discover that it doesn't cover the battery...not such a sound investment after all.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Would it be that difficult to design a new battery?

    • Written by from BLACKROCK

    My second battery has failed after 2 months. Apple store have covered this battery under the battery's warranty although the laptop isn't under warranty. Their warranty service is excellent sending out a replacement battery prior to receiving my dead battery. However the mind does boggle how 3 years on this hardware flaw hasn't been sorted out.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Like others, disappointed

    • Written by from london

    There's a common theme here - the battery failed in my mac book after 13months which was rather unexpected given that I only really use the laptop once or twice a week. At £99, that works out at about £1 a use - rubbish! Mac Helpdesk was very unhelpful since I was over the 1 year warranty.

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    Are apple going to pot?

    • Written by from London

    This is the second battery for my macbook that has failed - this one <12 months old. Listen to your customers Apple - instead of rushing to launch 101 new products (which increasingly have "issues") spend more time and money on quality control.

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