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    Terrific case!

    • Written by from Ellon

    Bought the lifeproof case direct from them online when got my ipad 15 mths ago.. BEST thing ever!! I can cook and see recipes without a sticky messy cookbook, grand kids can play their games and have a snack without fear, my mechanic son can take it under the car to look at complicated wiring diagrams etc then after any of these activities the ipad can be run under the tap and dried - good as new!! The cover makes the ipad slightly bulkier than on its own, but for the protection well worth it and nice and easy to handle . Not tested its drop ability yet, not planning that one!! Bonus is great party trick dropping it in the sink full of suds- guaranteed to freak your friends out!!!!! Off to buy another today for hubby's ipad bought yesterday. Delighted to see can now buy it in apple store.

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    Suitable & Sufficiant

    • Written by from Doncaster

    Suitable & Sufficient & Robust for use on in a hostile offshore environment where conditions can be changeable and extreme , the life proof has on more than one occasion prevented task / time delay due to restricted access to documents provided on site via the I pad
    With the life proof my e documents now travel with me readily available on location thought heat ,rain, ice snow and heavy seas, eliminating the wet bits of paper blowing around at 2am at night

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    Just Perfect

    • Written by from Halesowen

    First things that everyone will see is the price, yes its expensive, so is your iPad! These are superbly engineered and very very well made.

    There are so many fakes on the market the only real way to get a genuine product is to buy from Apple or Lifeproof.

    They are easy to fit, and it has replaced my bulky Griffin case. Add the ZAGG screen protector if needed and your away, a fully waterproof iPad, great for my line of work.

    It includes the plastic cover which acts as a stand, and a superb manual.

    It does exactly what it says it will, but it is at a cost, but when you look at the detail in the manufacturing process you can understand why, and each case is tested before it leaves the factory.

    Lifeproof all the way, iPhone 5 and iPad.

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